Make Money Through The Biolife Plasma App

Generally, most healthy people donate blood on a regular basis. It is good karma to do so. You can donate blood once every two months. It is a selfless act that will eventually help someone live longer. It is a quick procedure that some people schedule over lunch hour or during their free time. Most blood donation centers do not offer money for your blood. You will, however, get some cookies and juice at the end to help you regain your strength.

However, donating plasma is a different story altogether. Plasma donations are synthesized and used to make pharmaceutical and cosmetic products that are then sold to pharmacies and hospitals for use in therapies. Because of this reason, the FDA mandates the companies involved to compensate the donors for their effort, because they will make a profit out of your plasma.

One of the companies that run such a program efficiently is Biolife. To make the work of a donor very easy, there is a Biolife plasma app. Through this app, you can schedule your appointment and get more information on your nearest donor center. This is also helpful because unlike most blood donation centers that accept walk-in donors, you have to schedule an appointment with your nearest Biolife center to donate plasma.

Blood plasma is the liquid, clear component of the blood that contains proteins, antibodies, water, and enzymes. Once donated, it is used to synthesize products that help patients who have clotting disorders. Plasma, on its own, cannot be synthesized in a laboratory or a factory, and that is why the donor centers rely on donations. You also get paid for your donation because this is an elaborate process that takes almost an hour and a half or in some cases two hours.

There are three things that happen when you are donating plasma:

  1. Your blood will be drawn
  2. The plasma will be separated from your blood
  3. The rest of the blood components are transferred back to your body

While donating plasma, you are no longer donating to the Red Cross or your local hospital anymore, but to a business.

Why should I use the Biolife plasma app?

The Biolife plasma app is a personalized way for you to stay informed on your donation status. It is also the easiest way for you to request personal information and contact your Biolife center if you need any help. While each Biolife center has its legal requirements for donation, state and local laws will always override their requirements.

Through the app, you can also know how much you will get when you donate. There are plasma donation drives that are scheduled from time to time, which you can learn about through your app. You will get notifications on important upcoming events or offers.

Most donation centers have programs where donors get paid more if they donate frequently. Some even pay you more if you have a unique antibody like the Anti-D in your blood.

For each donation, you can get paid anything between $20 and $50. The FDA sets the guidelines for the payments, but generally, the more plasma you donate, the more you will be paid. To make the process smoother, most Biolife donation centers will pay you through your debit card.

The American Red Cross Society allows you to donate blood once every 28 days. However, private centers can allow you to donate two times a week, as long as you have at least one day between the donations. This is why you will come across promotions like “Make $300 a month by donating plasma”.

Can I find a donation center through the Biolife plasma app?

Through the Biolife plasma app, you will know which donation center is closest to you. Take note that the FDA routinely inspects the donation centers to ascertain compliance with the set laws. However, the management of these centers is down to the private companies that run them. You can only search for a donation center closest to you, verify its compliance and see whether it suits your preferences.

For more information, you can also read reviews online so that you know what other donors have experienced and then choose the center that works best for you. On your day for donation, carry identification documents, and proof of your Social Security Number. Proof of physical address will also be required. Eat regularly and drink lots of fluids before you are due for donation.

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