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Possible Sustanon 250 Medical Benefits

Possible Treatments if Sustanon 250 Were Available for Medical Use

Injecting a Dose of Sustanon 250

Anybody that has a basic understanding of anabolic steroids has probably heard of the ever-popular Sustanon 250 blend, that naturally has a fairly bad reputation due to the 1980-1990s “steroid epidemic”.  But, most probably haven’t heard the other side of the story – that Sustanon 250 could actually provide medical benefits to some through availability of the drug on the prescription market.  This article will discuss several of these potential medical benefits.  We’ll let you decide for yourself whether this drug should be available for medical prescription!

About Sustanon 250

Sustanon 250 is a brilliant oil-based blend of four of the best types of testosterone that provide benefit to human males.  The steroid blend features both short and long (ester) testosterone forms in a single compound.  A Sustanon 250 dose allows users to obtain stable testosterone blood serum levels without having to re-dose, or inject the drug frequently.  Bodybuilders and athletes commonly undergo a Sustanon 250 cycle to rapidly build muscle and for cutting cycles, or to rapidly lose body fat without losing much of the muscle fiber that they have gained.  Sustanon 250 is currently not approved by the FDA for human use in the United States.  It is currently listed as a Schedule 3 Drug.

One dose (or 1 milliliter) of Sustanon 250 delivers a total of 250mg of Testosterone to the body.  The content of each ester testosterone in the Sustanon 250 formulation are listed below:

100mg Testosterone Decanoate
60mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate
60mg Testosterone Isocaproate
30mg Testosterone Propionate

Vials of Susutanon 250

Potential Medical Benefits of Sustanon 250

In recent years, aging has become a popular subject for scientific studies due to the anti-aging industry growing by the day.  Many of these studies have revealed a huge number of conditions and disorders that may be caused by low amounts of testosterone levels in men.  Many of these conditions were previously thought to have other underlying causes.  This makes Sustanon 250 a great potential medication to be used in the medical field due to its potency, stability, and amazing effects.  Below are some of the hypothetical benefits that may be experienced with the use of Sustanon 250:

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

This disorder is a cognitive behavioral disorder that affects both men and women.  Those that suffer from BDD often experience anxiety, stress, and depression due to being unhappy with their physical appearance.  This disorder is becoming more and more prevalent due to the physical appearance of marketing models being extremely fit and masculine (in male models).  This causes many men to believe they are not masculine.  In extreme situations, while being closely monitored by a medical physician, Sustanon 250 could be used to aid males in rapid muscular hypertrophy which may decrease the negative psychological effects of BDD.

Employment Eligibility and Increased Work Performance

While equal rights in America have given some individuals a fighting chance that wish to perform certain work duties, there are still many professions that prevent certain individuals from gaining employment.  Certain duties in the construction and firefighting industries require that individuals be able to lift certain amounts of weight and other physically challenging tasks.  Sustanon 250 could benefit individuals whose physical limitations prevent them from being able to perform physically challenging tasks.

Sustanon 250 may also increase the amount of work output in certain individuals that perform physical tasks in their line of work.  An interesting argument relating to this subject is the treatment of ADHD.  By taking stimulant drugs, millions of ADHD sufferers are able to increase their concentration, focus, and are able to increase their work output and have better overall quality of live.

Weakened Immune System

Several studies suggest that lower doses of testosterone (doses below 500mg) may increase immune system functions.  More research is needed to determine if Sustanon 250 treatments could help those with diminished immune function, but we thought that this is definitely worth mentioning!


In the United States especially, obesity is a growing problem.  Sustanon 250’s obvious ability to increase fat metabolism alongside exercise make it an excellent possible treatment for obesity.  Many that become obese also suffer from other problems, such as joint problems, which limit them from obtaining necessary amounts of exercise.  Sustanon 250 may also aid in supporting extra strength needed to exercise regularly and prevent injuries caused by basic exercise, which may help those that are obese participate in a regular exercise regimen.

Extreme Depression

Several forms of depression, related to low testosterone levels, have been identified in recent years.  Some studies also suggest that raising testosterone levels result in increased moods and feelings of well being.  Under appropriate care by physicians and psychologists, Sustanon 250 may potentially be a successful method of treatment in those that suffer from depression caused by low testosterone production.

Chronic Fatique & Lethargy

Another common effect of low testosterone in men can be chronic fatigue, lack of energy, and lethargy in individuals.  Sustanon 250’s ability to rapidly increase testosterone levels make it a great possible medication to treat low energy levels in men with low testosterone levels.

Incentive to Exercise Consistently

I don’t expect to ever see Sustanon 250 as a medication for exercise incentive, but I do find it to be an interesting concept.  And, if I were a physician with the ability to prescribe Sustanon250 for this incentive, I very well probably would.  One of the most common reasons that men don’t exercise as frequently as they should is that they lose the incentive to do so by hitting plateaus.  There are usually methods of overcoming plateaus, but the fact is, they do happen and they can kill your desire to exercise.  There are definitely risks associated with using Sustanon 250, but if used properly and under the supervision of a physician, I think that the benefits could outweigh the risks.  Considering the negative effects of the alternative of not exercising all together, Sustanon 250 use may not be so bad at all!

Hormone Replacement Therapy in Transgender Individuals

Again, more studies are needed to determine for sure if Sustanon 250 would be beneficial to those undergoing female-to-male transformations, but it looks like a viable candidate due to its high potency and stability.  At least two esters of the testosterone in Sustanon 250 are currently used in some forms of hormone replacement therapy in transgender individuals.

Sustanon 250 May Help with Obesity

Sustanon 250 Side Effects

It wouldn’t be ethically right to discuss all of the potential advantages of Sustanon 250 without also discussing some of the possible side effects that may occur with use of the blended steroid.   It should also be noted that anabolic steroids should not be used without the supervision of a physician.  Doctors have the ability of conducting blood tests to monitor your hormone levels and can prescribe medications to prevent or treat unwanted side effects.  Below are some of the most common side effects that may be experienced with the use of Sustanon 250:

Gynecomastia & Water Retention

Gynecomastia is the enlargement of a man’s breasts.  This side effect is common with many types of anabolic steroids and is usually caused by testosterone converting into estrogen by the aromatase enzyme.  Higher estogren levels may also cause the body to retain more water than usual, which may increase blood pressure.  Many Sustanon 250 users combat these side effects with Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) or Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs).

Androgenic Side Effects

Due to the potent androgenic effects of Sustanon 250, users may experience side effects like hair loss, acne, or rapid growth of body hair.  These side effects have a lot to do with genetic dispositions.  These side effects are typically caused by the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), but are usually reversed or slowed after a user ends their Sustanon 250 cycle.

Changes is Cholesterol

Some men that experience increases of testosterone show that their good cholesterol (HDL) levels are reduced.  This effect is very dose-dependent.

Testosterone Suppression

With sufficient amounts of testosterone being administered throughout the body, natural testosterone production is slowed or stops all together.  Most Sustanon 250 users will plan post cycle therapy to include a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator to keep estrogen levels low and to speed up the body’s ability to start producing testosterone again.

Not all users of Sustanon 250 will experience noticeable negative side effects, but since a dose of the anabolic steroid delivers 250mg of testosterone (which is a significant dose) it is common for some adverse effects to occur.  However, most of Sustanon 250’s side effects subside after discontinuing use of the steroid.

Sustanon 250 Summary

Today, there are thousands of great drugs available on the prescription market that offer a wide range of benefits to people.  Studies are showing that many of these drugs also offer hundreds of great off-label benefits as well.  It is my belief, that with time, many of the potential benefits of anabolic steroid like Sustanon 250 will come to surface and will be studied extensively.  Studies will likely reveal more adverse effects, as well as methods to reverse or prevent these effects, which will make the drug safer to use.  Down the road, anabolic steroids will most likely lose a lot of their negative reputation that they received in the 1980s-1990s as well.  I would not be the least bit surprised to see a version of Sustanon 250 branded by a large pharmaceutical company in the future that will possibly be used in the treatment of one of the conditions listed in this article.

Written by pbsawyer

I strive to educate the general population on non-common subjects to allow them to make educated decisions. Passion for neuroscience and non-conventional treatments.

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