Michael Douglas Speaks Up About Oral Cancer

Michael Douglas Speaks Up About Oral Cancer

Michael Douglas Oral Cancer

Michael Douglas is speaking up and raising the awareness of the general public regarding the importance of good oral health and regular tests and checkups to avoid deadly oral cancer.

The actor is a survivor of oral cancer himself, and has recently joined the campaign led by the Oral Cancer Foundation. He believes it is extremely important to keep people educated regarding the importance of the oral cancer screenings, which can save lives.

If the oral cancer is detected in its early stages, it can be cured and therefore people should do the oral cancer screenings at least every year, as a preventative measure.

Michael Douglas was diagnosed with oral cancer when the disease was already in a late stage. The doctors discovered a tumor right at the base of his tongue, and he was diagnosed with oral cancer stage IV.

Michael Douglas has gone through a terrific battle with the disease, and fortunately he is now diagnosed cancer free, after a lengthy treatment time where he was exposed to chemotherapy and radiation.

The executive director and founder of the Oral Cancer Foundation, Brian Hill, says that Michael Douglas is the best person to represent this oral cancer awareness campaign. He is a terrific professional, and a highly respected media person. He has joined this campaign, and everybody is positive that together they can make people understand how precious health is, and how important the oral cancer screenings are.

The foundation has released some shocking statistics. In the US alone, every few hours a person dies from oral cancer, and all these people have fallen victims of the deadly disease simply because they didn’t make a simple screening to detect cancer much earlier. Estimates also show, that around 12,000 new cases of oral cancer are going to be diagnosed this year alone.

Among the newly diagnosed cases, youngsters who do not smoke represent the fastest growing group. Of course, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking are the two greatest enemies, but the disease makes no difference on whom to attack.

Therefore, whether you smoke or not, whether you drink occasionally alcohol or not, you must make sure to go for an oral cancer screening at least once per year. The screening is quick and absolutely painless, an it can save your life!

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