Most Popular Korean Plastic Surgery Procedures

It has always alluded that South Koreas is the plastic surgery capital of the world. This sentiment is true, considering that more than 25% of the plastic surgery operations in the world are carried out in South Korea. This is an incredible demand for Korean plastic surgery, and interestingly enough, there are so many surgeons that are currently offering this procedure. It is important to note that the statistics depicting more than 25% of the world’s plastic surgery operations being carried out in South Korea, do not include the unlicensed operations that are carried out rather illegally.

By taking into consideration the fact that there is an incredible demand for Korean plastic surgery before, we must also understand that this demand means there are so many if not hundreds of plastic surgery operations, that are carried out to modify the appearance of the patients.


Demographically, a lot of these operations are carried out by people (both boys and girls) who are within the age group between the late teenage years and their twenties. The following are some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures that are carried out in South Korea:

  • Double eyelid surgery
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Epicanthoplasty
  • Forehead augmentation
  • V – Line jaw reduction
  • Teeth capping
  • Chin augmentation
  • Hair transplant

Double Eyelid Surgery

This is so far the most popular Korean plastic surgery procedure in this part of the world. The popularity of the double eyelid surgery can only be compared to breast-related plastic surgery in the western countries.

The double eyelid surgery is carried out to get rid of what South Koreans refer to as the monolid, and replaced with a double eyelid. The monolid is an eyelid that does not have creases. This explains the popularity of this operation, especially when we consider the fact that this is a trait that is indigenous to the Asian contingent and primarily, the need for this South Korean plastic surgery.

Having undergone this surgical procedure, the patient will then have the double eyelid. In this process, the surgeon will either remove excess tissue or reposition them. In Seoul, almost one out of every 5 women you come across has had the double eyelid surgery, and as a result of this, it has become so common that in some cases it is considered an essential part of K-pop culture.


Rhinoplasty (Nose Jobs)

In the western countries, rhinoplasty is basically aimed at reducing the size of the nose. However, the reverse is true in South Korea. In fact, most South Koreans who go for rhinoplasty are usually trying to get a more prominent bridge in their noses.

This form of Korean plastic surgery is apparently a popular trend in Korean culture. In order to build up the part of the nose that needs reinforcement, cartilage can be taken from the ribs or the patient’s ears.


This is a procedure that is done to widen the eyes. What happens in this procedure is that the surgeon will, in fact, slice the corners of the patient’s eyelids. When that has been done, the enlargement will make the patient’s eyes seem to be bigger than they initially were. According to Korean plastic surgery statistics, this is another procedure that is really popular.

It is important to note that in most cases, this surgical procedure is normally carried out at the same time as the double eyelid surgery. During this process, the surgeon will remove the epicanthal folds so that the corners of the eyes get softer.

According to statistics, more than 80% – 90% of the patients who usually go for the double eye surgery also have the eye widening surgery carried out, which means that it is also one of the most popular plastic surgery practices in the country.

Forehead Augmentation

For patients who feel they are not happy with the way their foreheads look, this is another procedure that can be carried out. It basically lasts around one hour. For this procedure, the surgeon will insert an implant under the patient’s skin, in the process giving them a more rounded and smoother forehead.


V – Line Jaw Reduction

In this surgical operation, the concept is to alter the traditional Korean face. Traditionally, the Korean shape has a V formation. With this formation, the individuals basically have a sharp chin and a slender jawline. When you look at the Korean plastic surgery pictures after this procedure has been done, the result is mindblowing.

For someone who was not lucky enough to have been born with this distinct facial feature, surgery could make it a dream come true. During surgery, the surgeon will make an incision on the inner side of the mouth. After that, they shave off any part of the mandible that is considered surplus to requirements.

Teeth Capping

This is a procedure that is basically referred to as veneers. It involves insertion of tiny and thin layers of porcelain which are set on the teeth. The main concept here is to conceal damage to the teeth or discoloration.

During this Korean plastic surgery operation, the surgeon will get an impression of your teeth, after which the porcelain will be remodeled based on this blueprint. When it is done, you will have a porcelain model that is a perfect fit. There are some people who actually compare this procedure to the same process that is used when applying false nails.

Chin Augmentation

There are two options that can be carried out under this operation. You can either have it done with implants or fillers. The concept is basically aimed at defining the shape of your chin, and use the same to give the face an angled design.

The implants that are used in this process could either be taken from your rib cage or pelvis, or they could also be prosthetic. Remember that when the implants are fashioned from the rib cage, there is a higher risk of infection, hence a lot of people prefer having prosthetic implants to be used instead.

In most cases, chin augmentation is carried out at the same time when a nose job is being done. This is meant to help the surgeon balance the facial features and at the same time, ensure that the patient gets the best possible silhouette.


Hair Transplant

This is a pretty obvious Korean plastic surgery procedure. It involves the transplant of hair from another person onto the patient’s head. It is a common procedure among individuals who have receding hairlines, those who are struggling with hair loss or perhaps someone who feels they have far less hair than they should have.

The hair transplant procedure is basically not as invasive as most of the procedures that have been mentioned in here. It is simply about grafting hair follicles from one person’s head to the part of the head where you need more hair. This is also the reason why the hair transplant is one of the procedures that are common with people who are rather keen on the Korean plastic surgery cost.

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