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Myths and facts about teeth and dental care

The dental care and the dental health are really interesting and curious issues and people often hear various stories concerning dental health. Some of those stories are true, some are myths and mystifications. One has to check the truthfulness of each story, since, after all, dental health is a quite serious matter and it’s based on a science, a science which has strict principles and laws, just like any other science.

Some interesting teeth facts

So let’s look some of the common misconceptions and interesting, but rarely known dental facts. One of the most common misconceptions is that putting a cap on your toothbrush will protect it from bacteria. Actually, quite the opposite is the case. The cap withholds moisture, which is beneficial for the reproduction of bacteria. Many people have heard that they shouldn’t brush their teeth while standing near the toilet, since particles from the toilet may land on their toothbrush.


This is true, and the distance from the toilet should be exactly two meters. So, the next time you go to brush take a meter with you. You may have heard of the gum disease, but did you know that three fourths of the population of the United States suffers from it. You may know that drinking sparkling sweetened drinks will increase the possibility of emergence of caries, but did you know that the percentage of the increase is above 60. We all use toothbrushes today, but the first time someone used a toothbrush was more than half a century ago, in China, while the first modern toothbrush was produced only before the Second World War. You may think that toothpaste is good for you, but not if you eat it. Namely, swallowing certain amounts of toothpaste which contains fluoride might lead to fluoride poisoning. If you think that you are protecting your child when you are blowing in his food in order to cool it, think again. By doing so you may transmit bacteria from yours to his/her teeth.

Curious facts about toothpaste

Using toothpaste is quite a common habit among people today. But, this product was invented only about a century ago. Before that people believed that many different substances and produces will clean their teeth. Some of those substances did help, while others not so much, and there were some that are really disgusting. For example, the ancient Gauls utilized urine (sic!) as a teeth-whitening agent. When the tobacco was brought to Europe, many people believed that using it will help them clean their teeth. If they considered the tobacco good for their teeth, one has to wonder what they considered to be bad for them.

Dentures facts and myths

Almost every aspect of dental care and dental health is subjected to myths and misconceptions, and one important aspect of dental care these days is getting dentures and dentures themselves. People believe in many different myths when it comes to getting dentures.  For example, most people think that the dentures are easy to make and that patterns are used in order to produce them. The fact is that every single person has different teeth, therefore the dentures made for each patient are different and they are not made according to the same pattern.

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