Natural Breast Augmentation – How Does It Work?

Each year many women always consider the idea of breast augmentation. There is no doubt that while there are so any features that make women sexy and quite attractive, the breast often takes the bigger share of the attention. Breast augmentation can help improve appearance, confidence, self-esteem, and also help to restore a younger sexy look.  Considering this outstanding benefits, it’s no surprise that breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery around the world.  In case you are thinking about trying out natural breast augmentation, you can rest assured knowing its safe and effective.

What Is Natural Breast Augmentation?

Natural augmentation of breasts is a safe surgical process designed for women who want to improve their appearance. It is a fat transfer process that involves the movement of adipose tissue from other parts of the body to the breast. The main reason why it’s considered a natural process is simply because nothing artificial is used. The fat used to enlarge the breasts is comes from your own body.  Unlike in other procedures where artificial implants are used to improve the fullness of breast and symmetry, in this case, body fat is used instead.

How Does Natural Augmentation For Breasts Work?

The process begins by the removal of excess fat from other parts of the body through liposuction. The fat can be removed from the abdominal area, thighs, and even buttocks. Once the fat is removed, the adipose tissues are processed and purified to concentrate the stem cells. The purified adipose tissue is then inserted into the breast systematically to achieve the desired outcomes. It is important to note that natural breast augmentation is not about filling the breasts with fat. It’s a systematic and gradual process that involves the addition of purified adipose tissue into the breast. The insertion is done in small proportions to allow the tissue to attach itself to the breast on a permanent basis. This is exactly why the procedure achieves long-term results.

Who Qualifies For Breast Augmentation Natural Surgery?

Any woman who wants to improve her breast’s look will qualify for the breast augmentation natural surgery. The most important thing is to always be psychologically and emotionally ready for the changes you will experience once the procedure is done. The following attributes are ideal for women who are suited for this surgery:

  • You want to have fuller and larger breasts without having to use breast implants
  • You have enough fat on your thighs, abdomen or any other part of your body to be used in the procedure
  • The symmetry of your breasts is not good enough and feels embarrassing
  • You are a victim of breast cancer and you desire reconstructive surgery after cancer treatment or lumpectomy
  • You have used breast implants before and they did not work the way you had hoped

What Are The Benefits Of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

There are so many advantages of fat transfer breast augmentation, especially when compared to breast implants. To start with, this is a natural process that uses natural fat from your own body. In addition to this, the incisions made during the procedure are far less compared to those made during implant surgery. The results of this procedure are permanent and will not complicate your life in the future. As for breast implants, you may need to remove them or replace them in the future. Finally, it takes lesser time to recover from natural breast augmentation compared to breast implants and the process is also relatively cheaper.

Recovery Information

The natural boob job is often a minimally noninvasive process that won’t take too long to heal.  Full recovery will take about three or four weeks but three or four days of full rest will ensure you are ready to resume your daily routine without any discomfort. As for the procedure itself, normally it takes four hours. This is because the fat to be used in augmentation has to be harvested through liposuction from other parts of the body. In addition to this, the surgery is often gradual and this takes time.

Natural breast augmentation is the way to go for women who want the ultimate sexy look and the benefits offered by the procedure are impeccable.

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