Natural Breast Reduction Tips

Big breasts are considered to be a sign of beauty and most women always desire to have big breasts. There are women who have excessively big breasts, which are painful and cause issues. The pain can be in the neck and shoulders.  It makes the woman uncomfortable and can cause health issues.  If you have big breasts, picking a dress is difficult since none fits and sometimes there are people who keep staring at them. When experiencing this, it is advisable to go for natural breast reduction.

Diet for the Reduction of Breasts Naturally

Estrogen is responsible for the growth of breasts; if you have lots of estrogen in your body, then your breasts will be bigger. Not taking birth control pills will be important in reducing the size of your breasts naturally since they have estrogen. Compounds with estrogen are known to be found in plastic, which can contaminate food or drinks; therefore it is important to drink water from glass bottles and avoid foods that are packaged in plastic. Dairy products and meat also contain estrogen; therefore it is important to take it in small portions.  The breast has fatty tissues, therefore consider eating a healthy diet and maintain a healthy weight so as to get rid of extra fat.


Natural Breast Reduction through Massage

A good massage makes the breasts firm and tones them, making them look healthy and natural. A natural breast reduction cream is used to effectively reduce the size. The process can be done in the privacy of your home and takes a few minutes. Lie flat on your back and start by massaging under the breasts and then over the breasts, apply a little pressure as you do it. Massage the sides of the breasts and cup them to shape them by compressing them.


Reducing Breast Size Using Herbal Remedies

Herbs can be used to reduce breast size naturally by making a paste and applying it on the breast and massaging till it is absorbed into the skin. This can be done twice a day. The herbs can also be taken as supplements or by taking herbal tea.

Green tea has ingredients that can be used to reduce weight and also reduce the size of your boobs. The catechins found in the tea helps the body to burn calories. Ginger tea also helps to burn accumulated body fat since it speeds up the metabolism of the body. If you can burn fat, then you can reduce the size of your breasts with time.

There are also exercises that can help you make the body firm and the best are cardio exercises which include cycling, jogging and running.  Push ups and bench press are good for the breast muscles and can be done twice a week at home and also in the gym. Do not use heavy weights though as it can build your muscles and make you look broad and wide.  Eat a healthy diet too and avoid crash dieting.

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