Neck Lift Surgery For Beginners – What You Need To Know

The neck cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure that is designed to restore or enhance the aesthetic of the neck area and the jaw line. It is also performed as a remedy to early signs of aging.  As people get old, they begin to lose the youthful contours around the neck. The skin becomes saggy and folds start to form. In addition to this, loss of youthful contours on the neck may be caused by stress and harsh environmental conditions. In any case, the problem can be fixed with a simple invasive neck lift procedure performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon.


What Does Neck Lift Address?

The neck improvement cosmetic surgery can be used to address a number of issues. While the goal is normally to restore the aesthetics of the neck and make it look younger and better contoured, in order for this to be achieved a few specific issues have to be addressed. Here are some of them:

  • If you have excess skin relaxation or fat at the lower face that leads to creation of jowls then the surgery can help you
  • Patients who also have excess fat deposits on the chin and surrounding areas may need the surgery
  • The procedure can also help address muscle banding around the neck that leads to the development of abnormal contours

There are so many people who feel that they don’t need a full face lift. In most cases, they are often okay with how their faces look. However, in order to even give you that ideal look the neck and the chin need to be well contoured and neck lift is the surgery to help you.

How Is Neck Cosmetic Surgery Done?

If you have decided that indeed you need neck contouring surgery, it is important to have a clear picture of how everything works. The first step is the administering of anesthesia. Since this is a normal surgical procedure, anesthesia will help you reduce the discomfort and the pain. When the anesthesia has taken its full effect, incisions will be made. How surgical incisions are made during the neck lifting surgery will depend on the nature of changes and results that are to be achieved. Normally, the incisions begin on the hairline and follow the sideband right down to the neck. They are made on either side of your neck. In some cases, incisions can be made around the ear but this is extremely rare. Once the contouring is done and dusted the doctor will close the incisions and you can now see the results.

Recovery from a Neck Restoration Surgery

Once the surgical neck improvement procedure is completed, the doctor will place a bandage gently around your neck. The bandage is designed to reduce swelling and bruising. Since in some cases excess fluid and blood may collect under the skin after the procedure, you will be provided with a thin tube that will drain it out to avoid any issues. Your doctor will give you additional instructions on how to take care of surgical wounds and additional medication to help you get by. Although there are some people who may decide to apply ice on the surgical area to ease the pain or soothe the wounds, this is prohibited. Ice may affect the flow of blood towards the treated area and this will lead to dead skin.


How Much Will The Neck Cosmetic Procedure Cost?

Normally neck lift will vary a lot in terms of the rates. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons puts the average cost of neck cosmetic procedure at $4500. However, you need to be flexible with your budget. The price variations can affect how you plan for financing so make sure you have a clear-cut understanding of how much your local surgeon will charge, the total fees involved and whether they are covered in one flat fee. If you feel your local surgeon is too expensive, you can have the neck job surgery done in a different city or town to minimize the expenses.

What Are The Expected Neck Improvement Results?

Before you begin to assess the outcomes of your surgery, there is one important thing to note. While surgery does well to give you a nice looking neck, it cannot achieve 100% success. In addition to this, in order for the results of surgery to be clearly visible, there has to be a full recovery. The swelling and bruising that is often part of the after surgery care may cloud the extent of results and how they have been achieved in the surgery. Although it’s often easier to spot changes after the surgery, you will only have a clear picture of the neck lift results once you have fully recovered.

How To Start

If you are serious about improving your look by getting a neck lifting surgery done, then you need to gather as much information as possible. The rule of thumb is to organize a consultation with a plastic surgeon a few times so that you can clear any doubts you may have about the procedure. In addition to this, the doctor will give you a clear guide on what is done and the kind of results to be achieved. This will help you make your choice faster.

Improving how your neck looks shouldn’t be a difficult thing. With neck lift, you can get permanent and effective results.  Get in touch with a board certified surgeon and book a consultation today.

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