Non Surgical Breast Enlargement Methods

There are several non surgical breast enlargement methods and they can be categorized into three basic groups.


1. Suction cups and similar devices

There are many types of breast enhancement devices that are used. The most popular one is Brava. This device is worn like suction a bra. It works by applying suction force on every breast for about 10-12 hours for 10 weeks. The suction cups exert pressure continuously, making the breast tissues to slowly expand over a period of time.


Long term breast enlargement without surgery is said to be possible with an external tissue expander. There are no health risks with this system apart from the fact that they can chaff the skin and cause sleepless nights. Consider using this device if you have the money, patience and time. You need to use it continuously for about three months for you to see the results.


2. Fat Grafting

Fat is removed by liposuction and then injected into the breast. Fat grafting can take around four hours and it may take two weeks or more for the procedure to be completely carried out in different sessions. Doctors, however, say that it can raise the risk of breast cancer despite the fact that it looks safe and does not involve major surgery. The aesthetic result is also very difficult to predict since the long-term profile is not known yet. 40-60 percent of the fat injected is sometimes lost due to tissue death or re-absorption by the body. The good thing about it is that the breast tissue used is from the patient’s body, so there is minimal risk of tissue rejection and there is no scarring.


3. Nutritional and other natural products

Nutritional supplements can also be used for non-surgical breast enlargement. Breast enhancing products contain herbs and they fall into different categories:

  • Aphrodisiacs e.g. oat straw and damiana
  • Herbs such as wild Mexican herb and palmetto
  • Phytoestrogens such as fennel, flaxseed, redclover and soy
  • Generic herbs such as black cohosh, blessed thistle, motherwort, chasteberry

The natural plant products imitate estrogen, which is known to increase the size of the breast. The herbs promote breast growth. Add Phytoestrogen rich foods to your diet and foods that can limit testosterone production in your diet and limit intake that can increase testosterone levels.


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