NYU summer abroad

Summer abroad is an experience for a lifetime. And summer schools are so much fun, at the same time challenging and a place where you can learn so much new stuff and meet new people that will leave a great impression on you and inspire you. If you want to experience the joy of a summer school, a great option is the New York University. NYU summer abroad is the right thing for an ambitious individual that knows how to live life. You will be able to explore the wonderful New York City and to experience the New York University and all that they can offer.


Summer in NYC and NYU

If you have any doubts about a NYU summer abroad, don’t hesitate and take all the steps to your perfect summer. You will be set in an environment full of international students and current NYU students as well. Nine colleges offer a lot of different courses that can be in sessions of 3, 6 or 12 weeks on an undergraduate and graduate level. You can make your own agenda and choose courses that will suit your preferences. Go through the courses information thoroughly to understand what kind of different possibilities are open to you. Some courses can apply only to undergraduates or only to graduates, while some apply to both levels.

NYU summer abroad preferences

There are many different NYU summer abroad study programs and they are all set throughout different colleges and departments of the New York University. That’s why it is very important to seek information only for specific programs and their specific features. Try to find out about all the details of how to apply, how much it costs and what courses are offered. Application may be totally different from one program to another. Make sure to read everything with an attentive eye before applying. The how to apply section is your guideline. Check what kind of additional documents you need, for example some programs may request language proficiency proof or written samples that need to be included in the application. Some of the programs request for original creative works or even auditions. If you have any kind of questions or you want to know more about a certain program, feel free to contact the person designated to inform of the desired program.

Who can apply?

If you are interested in NYU summer abroad, you should know if you are eligible to apply for the courses. You may apply to a summer course if you are not enrolled at New York University or if you are enrolled at NYU, but want to get credits. You need only a high school diploma and a filled online application. The enrolled students at NYU do not need the online application; they have to contact the department where the course is held. High school students in their last year may apply as well if they obtain the diploma before the course begins. In addition, international students that have a high school diploma or equivalent are eligible as well.

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