Oil Pulling! Does It Really Work?

Teeth Whitening NYC Suggests It Is Beneficial

Teeth Whitening NYC agrees with many dentists around the country in that the following process may have some benefits. Some of the natural health websites have recommended the process known as Oil pulling on their websites. Or maybe a friend recommended the process, but you are unsure of what the process involves. This old Ayurvedic remedy is becoming quite popular nowadays, but it’s not a  new process.No. In fact it is an activity that has been used for thousands of years.

Teeth Whitening NYC  goes on to tell us that this is an oral therapy that has been used in  Indian medicine for thousands of years. The process requires you to use oil as a type of mouthwash. You need to swish it around in your mouth for about half an hour, then spit it out. It only takes about 1 tablespoon of oil, but it needs to be something like coconut, sesame, or sunflower oil.

Why is the Process Gaining Popularity

Recent studies demonstrate that this process helps fight gum disease and ward off bacteria that causes cavities and halitosis or bad breath. It works because most bacteria living in the mouth tend to adhere naturally to fat, so they adhere to the oil and then when you spit it out they are also washed out.

The Oil-Pulling Process

According to Teeth Whitening NYC  the best oil to use is a natural oil that is low in saturated fats, Most people prefer coconut oil.  Other oils like sesame or sunflower can have benefits. These have bacteria-fighting benefits but coconut oil has added benefits, which make it a good antiseptic agent, which makes it work better.  Recent studies also show that coconut oil may also have cavity fighting benefits.

How to Perform Oil Pulling

Start small. You don’t have to start with 10 minutes you may start by oil pulling for just a few minutes. Then gradually you can increase your time. Remember, the longer you use the oil in your mouth, the cleaner your mouth will be. But If your jaw begins hurting then slow down. Don’t  rinse too hard, you just want to use a gentle rinse and pull it through your teeth.

Avoid swallowing the oil. If it is too hard then you are using too much.  Start over and try again. You will soon get the hang of things.

Daily Oral Hygiene is Important

Even though this method may have some benefits, Teeth Whitening NYC  says that you still need to brush and floss. You don’t want to replace this proccess with your normal routine dental care and visits to the dentist.  You cant remove any damage you have already done to your teeth, but this can supplement your oral care.

Note that, you can also use Vitamin E oil to get oral health. Just use it by placing it on your gums. This helps your body regenerate healthy gum tissue.

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