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One day dentures- what are they

If you are in need to have a denture installed or you need replacement of the old ones, then the dentures that can be installed at the same day of your procedure is excellent option for you. Dentures are replacements for your natural teeth. People who have problems with their teeth or have missing front teeth are very self-conscious and often depressed about their looks. They are ashamed to smile and smile very rarely. If you are one of these people, then the dentures are excellent option for you. Here are few additional information.


Frequently asked questions about dentures

Many people are worried when they hear that they have to wear dentures. They are worried that they will not be able to eat normally, smile or live normally. However, modern dentures provide excellent quality and in a while you will not even notice them. What is important is to remember that the oral hygiene is very important when it comes to dentures. There are few types of dentures. There are dentures that can replace few missing teeth, called bridges, and others that can replace more missing teeth. People who wear dentures should brush the denture with toothbrush after each meal. In addition, they should use interproximal brush to clean the interdental segments. There is special dental glue, also called dental cement that will keep your denture in place throughout the day. If you are wearing dentures, you should have regular dental checkups to see whether there are any changes. Moreover, if you notice any changes of your denture, do not try it to adjust it by yourself. This may lead to breaking of the denture or injuring your gums.

Free dentures

If you need dentures, than you know that they do not come cheap. However, there are news. There are some dental practices that offer free dentures and free dental services. All you need to do is to make small online research and find free dental services program that includes implantation of dentures. There are many private dental practices that offer free of reduced cost services once a month. In addition, there are dental clinics that offer free dental services for the clients, because they are part of some federal or local funded program offering free dental services for poor people, unemployed, self-employed and other categories of people that cannot afford this type of services. Some of these clinics charge their clients on the basis of sliding fees, which means that patients are required to pay as much as they can afford. Find the clinic which is nearest to you and make an appointment.

One day dentures

The one-day dentures are also called same day dentures, simply because they are installed the same day you have ordered them. This option depends on few factors and is suitable for few types of patients. One-day dentures are good choice for patients who are already wearing dentures and they only need to replace them. But, if you are first-time denture wearer, then you should have one appointment before the installation of the dentures, so the necessary measuring can be made. Once the dentist has extracted your teeth, then he/she will be able to install the dentures the same day of the extraction procedure.

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