Overcoming Tummy Tuck Belly Button Challenges

One of most frequently asked questions when it comes to women undergoing tummy tuck operation is whether the belly button will be looking normal after the surgery. The truth is, a tummy tuck belly button may not look normal and in most cases, an incision has to be made in order to make it reappear. This may at times give the belly button an unusual looking appearance.

After a tummy tuck, the belly button is at more prone to infections and proper care is, therefore, crucial.

  • After a tummy tuck, the excess skin is normally tightened together using sutures.
  • To reveal your belly button, the doctor makes new incisions in order to make the old belly button reappear, which is then sutured into place.
  • Keep in mind that the belly does not really disappear after the surgery.
  • Development of complications around the belly button is not unusual.
  • Swelling after the procedure is also a normal thing.
  • The swelling will decrease after a few weeks with proper care.
  • The swelling will reduce with compression garments help which the patient is normally asked to wear for a certain period of time.

Infected Tummy Tuck Belly Button

  • The belly button area can be wet and moist especially if the area is covered with dressing, this is what makes it more prone to infections. It may also be reacting to foreign bodies like a suture.
  • The infection may even increase due to the presence of pus especially if there is no proper drainage from the belly button.
  • But with a competent surgeon and proper post-operation care, the chances of developing an infection are
  • If the infection becomes persistent, visit the surgeon for possible sutures removal or an alternative solution.

Taking Care of a Belly Button after Operation

  • To prevent the development of infections and promote tummy tuck belly button healing, proper care of operated area must be observed.
  • Gentle washing of the belly button with mild soap and clean water should be done at least thrice a day in order to keep the area clean.
  • Always keep the area dry, wetness or moisture will facilitate infection growth.
  • Avoid irritating the belly button and the surrounding area.
  • Keep taking the necessary anti-inflammatory and antibacterial medications you may have been given.
  • Go for the scheduled post-operation checkups with your doctor.



  • You can continue taking your usual diet. In case you experience upsets around the area, try low-fat foods like broiled eggs, plain rice, yogurt, and toast.
  • Drink a lot of fluids unless the doctor prohibits you.
  • Right after the surgery, your bowel movements may not be normal. Avoid constipation as much as you can by taking more fiber-rich foods like fruits and vegetables every day.

Other instructions

  • To prevent pneumonia, do the breathing exercises that your surgeon will have instructed you.
  • When you take deep breaths or a cough, hold a pillow on the belly button incision points in order to reduce the pain.
  • Ask the doctor how to take care of the tube that will be in your bladder.

Recovery Time

The time taken to recover from a tummy tuck belly button depends on the patient’s medical condition as well as the technique employed by the surgeon. If heavy activities are avoided, a full recovery can be realized after one month.

For quicker recovery, the surgeon may ask you to keep away from strenuous tasks, avoid nicotine and wear compression garments.

How Much Would the Tummy Tuck Cost?

It is difficult to determine the cost of a tummy tuck due to the many factors that are involved. But in the United States, a tummy tuck cost can range from $4000 to $20000.


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