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Permanent dentures vs. False teeth

Interested in permanent dentures and the costs as well as differences from false teeth that go along with them? It is a big step to decide what will go in your mouth. When choosing a dental operation or even just a dentist in general it is vital that you choose the right one because you mouth will represent you everywhere you go and in everything you do. If you have poor teeth it can reflect poorly on you. So it is vital to choose wisely, not only wisely for your mouth but also for your wallet. Today we are going to be finding out what the differences in price, construction and quality for permanent and removable dentures.


False teeth

If you are wondering what exactly the differences are between false teeth and permanent dentures well there are a few very important ones. Both of these things are in fact false teeth but the difference between them is that in most cases false teeth are removable dentures that are fitted to your mouth to look and function like teeth but also are removable. False teeth or removable dentures are full of plastic and fit in your mouth similarly to a mouth guard so they can cause some discomfort, soars, and bone shrinkage as well as mild speech impediments and bad breathe. As a result of these dentures mostly being made out of plastic it is vital that they are fixed to the mouth with some sort of adhesive so that people can eat comfortable and without shame or embarrassment. There are still a few things that can be very difficult for people with false teeth to eat. Things like corn on the cob or apples or really anything too hard can be a challenge for someone with removable false teeth.

Permanent dentures

Permanent dentures are false teeth that have been surgically implanted into the mouth to give you a more real and fully functioning set of false teeth. With these there is no need to worry about slipping, gum or bone shrinkage or even that pesky bad breathe, permanent dentures are almost completely worry free. The only thing that one may worry about is one day they may have to touched up or the fake teeth themselves be replaced due to wear. And the time restraints that come with choosing to go ahead with permanent dentures. Although with permanent dentures there are a few stages one must go through to obtain the entire set of teeth for many they are still worth the waiting. The little bit of waiting far out weights the benefits of obtaining these permanent dentures. First in the procedure some of your natural teeth may have to be removed in order to plant the titanium rods that the false teeth are then connected to, so that all the teeth can properly fit into the mouth. This must heal up completely before the teeth themselves can be mounted to the titanium rods. After the mouth is healed the teeth maybe mounted to the teeth and you can begin the healing process and on your way to a normal healthy smile.

Cost differences

Permanent dentures costs can be very expensive because they involve quite a bit more of an invasive process which causes them to cost a bit more than conventional false teeth. As a result of the surgeries and the invasiveness of the procedure it can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 dollars to obtain varying on location and amount of teeth needed. While conventional dentures cost thousands less there are things to consider like the stress and worry that may come along with false teeth the extreme care that would need to be taken of the removable instrument and the mouth itself to make sure it stayed very clean? As well as all the cost of denture adhesive that would have to be purchased over the years. Sometimes the benefits of something far out way the price differences. Although permanent dentures costs may be expensive the endless benefits that come along with them are priceless. The ability to function completely normal in a mouth and feel completely confident in it is something that money cannot buy. You cannot out a price of self confidence, so weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself whether the price is worth it for you.

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