Planning For Your Cold Fat Removal

There are a number of questions that patients normally ask about cold fat removal so that at least they are in a good position to understand the nature of the procedure that they are going through. For those who are just getting to learn about it, coolsculpting is in fact, an FDA approved procedure. There are no needles involved, and this non-invasive process helps in getting rid of fat tissue and bulges from your body.

With all the information that you can come across online about this procedure, it is only obvious that you would perhaps want to know how coolsculpting works so that you can be in a good position to know what you are getting yourself into. Basically, coolsculpting will freeze away the fat cells, and in the process gradually but naturally kill the fat cells. This happens through a process referred to as apoptosis and does not cause any damage to the cells around, or the skin.


An interesting point that you have to note about the coolsculpting process is that you do not have to worry about downtime or recovery after your treatment session. In the course of your consultation with your doctor, you can discuss the nature of the procedure, and what you need to do after it is done so that you know for sure what your day will look like.

In as much as you will not need to take a lot of time off, if you can, you can just schedule the rest of that day free of any work. The best thing is usually to have someone who understands what you are going through, advising you on the procedure.

You also have to be careful about the medical institutions that only have one option, because in most cases these institutions normally tend to push that option onto the patient in one way or the other. You are supposed to have options, and explore them before you settle on something you prefer.


What to expect during the cold fat removal procedure

The first thing that your doctor will do is make sure that you are comfortable. This process could take a while, so you have to be in a position that you will not feel pain or exhaustion if you were to stay in it for a while. After that, the next thing your doctor will do for cold fat removal is to set an applicator on the part that is to be treated. Having been set, this will draw up the fatty tissue bulge between two of the cooling panels.

During the first 5 minutes or so of your session, you should feel a tugging sensation on the part of the skin that is being treated. This happens because the skin is cooling down slowly, beyond the normal temperatures. This will proceed for between 30 minutes to an hour, and the process will be complete. Before you start planning for cool sculpting, try and get in touch with your physician. Discuss the prospect with them, so that you know for sure that you can appreciate what is being done for you. This is the easiest way to appreciate the results that you will get and perhaps plan for another session if necessary.


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