Post Op Breast Augmentation Care Tips For Faster Recovery

After undergoing breast augmentation, it is important to that you take care of yourself. You need to follow your doctor’s instructions to avoid getting any complications. Here are some important post op breast augmentation tips that you should follow to minimize chances of getting any complications.


  • Post op breast augmentation medication

Be sure to take your prescribed medication after breast surgery enlargement. Finish your dose of antibiotics and avoid any medicines that contains aspirin. It is also important to let your doctor know if you are on any existing medication. Your doctor will let you know when it is safe to resume taking this medication. The surgeon may describe a muscle relaxant for you. Since you may also get nausea the first day after surgery, you may get some strong anti-nausea drugs prescribed for you.


  • Post op breast augmentation washing

You may take a shower one day after the surgery. Avoid taking a bath or having a steam bath or swimming. When bathing, remove the tensor bandage and gauze and mesh that are over the incision area. However, do not remove the steri-tape (small white tapes) that are directly over the incision, as pulling them out could result in you bleeding. Your doctor will take this out during your post operative visit in his office. Use a mild soap when bathing and pat yourself dry with a towel. Dry off the area where the incisions are well. Alternatively, you can blow dry the area dry under low heat.


During post op breast augmentation, avoid engaging in any vigorous activities or exercises that may cause your breasts to bounce. This could break open your wounds. This includes running, jumping or weight lifting, as this could strain your chest muscles. You can resume normal exercises 3 weeks after post operative breast enlargement, and weight lifting after 6 weeks. Even though you should not engage in any strenuous activities in the first 3 days after surgery, do not spend all your time in bed, so as to minimize the risk of getting blood clots in your legs.



  • Post op breast augmentation bra wearing

Keep your bra on after surgery. However, for the first 2 months, avoid any bras which have underwire, as this could cause your breasts to heal while they are permanently raised up. Wear sports bra or any of the soft bras that your surgeon might give you after the procedure. You need to keep your bra on day and night for the first 8 weeks after surgery. You will also be required to leave the tensor bandage that is wrapped at the top of your breasts on for the first 2 weeks after your operation.

The time after breast surgery is a delicate time, as the breast implants are still settling in and your body is still healing. If you notice any alarming signs post op breast augmentation, be sure to call your doctor. Since everyone heals differently following the surgery, be patient.

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