Preserve Toothbrush Made From Recycled Yogurt Cups

Preserve Toothbrush Made From Recycled Yogurt Cups

Preserve Toothbrush

So the folks at Preserve Products are taking old yogurt cups and using them to make toothbrushes.  Makes sense to me.  The Preserve Toothbrush is priced right (less than $3 each), is good for the environment, is BPA free, and comes with a postage paid mailer to return the toothbrush for another round of recycling.

How much of a difference? Preserve plastic requires:

  • At least 54% less water than virgin polypropylene
  • At least 64% less greenhouse gases (in CO2 equivalents) than virgin polypropylene
  • At least 75% less oil than virgin polypropylene
  • At least 48% less coal than virgin polypropylene
  • At least 77% less natural gas than virgin polypropylene
  • At least 46% less electricity than virgin polypropylene

Where item(s) can be purchased:Online, Target, Trader Joe’s & Whole Foods Markets

The claim of the product: This toothbrush is the first truly green toothbrush.

The problem the product solves: Preserve, who has been making toothbrushes from recycled yogurt cups since 1997, has partnered with the design firm Continuum, to take their sustainability commitment one step further.

Before working with Continuum, Preserve had been grappling with how to make the toothbrush completely green. After all, how green was this toothbrush though made from recycled yogurt cups, that still ended up in landfill?

Preserve approached Continuum and challenged them to make Preserve toothbrushes even greener by keeping them out of landfills.

Continuum’s response: Eco-friendly packaging and closed loop recycling. Continuum then developed the Mail Back Pack for Preserve.

How the product works:

  1. The lightweight biodegradable package encases the toothbrush, protects it during shipments and presents the products at point of sale at retail locations.
  2. This also doubles as a return envelope.
  3. Consumers simply put their used toothbrush in the envelope and mail it back to Preserve free of charge so it can begin its next life stage.
  4. Preserve turns the used toothbrushes into plastic lumber for picnic tables and boardwalks.

What is great about the product:

  1. Made from recycled yogurt cups (Handle 100% recycled #5 plastic; bristles new nylon).
  2. Cost is on par or less than the average toothbrush.
  3. All the features of a regular toothbrush (Easy-to-grip curved handle, Tiered bristles for gentle, thorough cleaning).
  4. Completely recyclable after use.
  5. The mailback recycling program does not cost the consumer additional money, also not incurring any extra carbon footprint as it is using a service already in existence, the mail.
  6. BPA Free.
  7. Made in the USA.
  8. Available in 5 colors: Grass Green, White, Magenta, Sky Blue, Midnight Blue.
  9. Bristles come in: Extra Soft, Soft & Medium.
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    1. As someone who tries to be a responsible citizen of this planet, I was glad to learn of this toothbrush program~ I’ll pass the word along…

      • Elaine Poirier says:

        I am always happy to hear about a program which is utilizing recycling , now every time I wash my yogurt cups, I will feel even better…..WTG! I will definitely share this with my friends.

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