Procedures For Breast Enlargement Without Surgery

The prospect of a boob job without any surgical procedure is something that a lot of women would be open to. There are lots of people who are afraid of going under the knife, just so they can attain the right size for their breasts. This is particularly so when considering some of the breast enlargement tragedies that have taken place over the years. Therefore, the mention of breast enlargement without surgery is indeed something that so many women would love to give a shot.


Categories of the procedure

There are three different procedures that are included in as far as this process goes. These are as follows:

  • Using nutritional supplements and natural products
  • Fat grafting
  • Using suction cup bras

Nutritional supplements and natural products

More than 50,000 nutritional supplements are currently available in the market, and these include the ones that are marketed for breast enlargement. Products that are supposed to help with breast enlargement success are in fact made up of a number of herbs.

There are 4 different types of herbs that are associated with the breast enlargement process, as shown below:

  • Phytoestrogens, including soy, red clover, flaxseed, fennel, hops, and other herbs
  • Traditional aphrodisiacs such as oat straw
  • Generic ‘women’s herbs’ such as motherwort, blessed thistle, black cohosh, and chaste berry
  • Miscellaneous herbs, including the likes of palmetto and wild Mexican yam


The most convincing case for breast enlargement without surgery so far has to be from phytoestrogens. These are natural plant products that provide the normal effects associated with estrogen in the body. Take note that estrogen is the hormone that supports an increase in breast size.

On the other hand, it is important also to take note that the fact that you are using phytoestrogens also means that you will be effectively blocking out your natural estrogen, which is considerably stronger. For pre-menopausal women, these supplements might, in fact, suppress growth instead of encouraging growth.

Using suction cup bras

There are a number of breast enlargement devices, but the most common of them all has to be the Brava Bra, also known as the Brava Breast Enlargement and Shaping System, used in breast enlargement without surgery or pills. It features two semi-rigid domes, complete with silicone gel rims and a microcomputer, referred to as a SmartBox.


The microcomputer generates and appropriately regulates tension necessary within the domes. There is also a sports bra that is provided, holding the microcomputer and the domes in position.

This device basically delivers over a 10-week period, 20 mmHg vacuum distraction to each of the breasts. This goes on for between 10 and 12 hours a day. By exerting continuous pressure, the suction cups allow the breast tissue to slowly and gradually expand over time.

Fat grafting

This is the breast enlargement without surgery procedure that is referred to as autologous fat transfer. Through this process, the patient first undergoes a liposuction to remove fat tissue, after which this fat tissue is processed and injected back into the breast cavity. This is basically a dream come true for a lot of women; the prospect of removing fat from parts of the body where they would not have wanted it in the first place, and inserting the fat into areas where they would love to see more growth.

As a result of this, fat grafting is increasingly being adopted in so many countries not just for plastic surgery, but also for reconstructive surgery.



There are a number of reasons why fat is considered a good filler material for the natural breast enlargements without surgery process. First of all, fat is biocompatible. Therefore, the patient does not have to worry about incompatibility. Secondly, there is the fact that fat is readily available and in abundance. Therefore, you do not need a donor to help you with this.

There is also the fact that fat from the body can be harvested rather easily, and processing is also not difficult. Since the fat can be injected in controlled amounts, this makes the process a lot easier. Besides, when compared with the use of surgical implants, fat generally feels natural and soft to touch.

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