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Proper denture adhesive solutions

Dentures can be hard to use by themselves, especially if these are not molded properly to a specific shape. There is also a time period during which gums need to adapt the new dentures, which often takes care of the problem entirely. But, in many cases, problems simply won’t go away, so there are many people who are experiencing issues with their dentures the whole time they are wearing them. This can be especially annoying during public events, where you simply can’t do anything to adjust your dentures in a pleasant way, other than going to the bathroom.


History of dentures

Dentures have been in use for a long period of time. A memorable number comes from the World War 2, where there was 17 tons of gold extracted from dentures and other jewelry from Jewish people, during the holocaust. Obviously a lot of people have been using dentures up until that moment. You might remember some movie moments where there is an old man going to sleep, leaving his dentures in a glass of water next to the bed. This was done so that the denture would not dry up overnight. This way, the dentures would be ready for use early in the next morning. This is obviously highly bad for one’s oral hygiene, but it is still a scene to remember, and people actually did that back in the day. Dentures were used when there were one or more teeth permanently removed, so there was an unique denture molded and formed so that it fits his new owner like a glove. Obviously, before it was quite difficult to design such a specific product which was unique for every customer, even today when there are modern methods used in designing these people are still experiencing issues.

Oral hygiene and dentures

All dentures are designed in such a way they are easy to remove and fit back in. This little design detail makes it easier to keep a good oral hygiene, as you have more room to clean and brush. Since dentures utilize artificial teeth, they are not prone towards cavity and other organically caused dental problems, and you can clean them thoroughly once you get them out of your mouth. Regular toothpaste is still recommended, as using some more abrasive cleansing solutions might damage your dentures and also endanger your health if not cleaned well.

Solving loose fitting with denture adhesive

In a lot of cases, people find it too difficult to fit dentures into their mouth, especially when there is not enough effort put into design and proper dimensioning of it. Users of such dentures experience slight pain and tension on their gum, which is an indication that something needs to be done. You can have another denture made specifically for you again, or you can use some denture adhesive in order to create a snug fit. However, even the denture adhesive can have some problems with fixing dentures as a lot of the lower quality adhesive tends to be dissolved with human saliva. To find the best adhesive for your dentures, consult your dentist, he should be able to recommend you a quality product.

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