PRP Injection For Face – Can It Treat Early Signs Of Aging

Skin restoration is a very delicate process and while there are many solutions available at the moment, each one of them comes with both pros and cons. However, the use of platelet-rich plasma in skin rejuvenation has become very popular in recent years. A lot of people are trying it and not just because it’s one of the most natural skin rejuvenation and restoration options out there but also because the procedure actually delivers very good results. There is no doubt prp injection for the face can deliver outstanding results but it is also important for patients to understand what the treatment is all about and of course how it works.

What Is Prp Injection For Face?

The prp face lift injection is a natural procedure that is designed to restore skin quality and deal with early signs of aging as well as other skin related conditions. The process uses platelet rich plasma to rejuvenate the skin, the PRP or the platelet rich plasma is harvested from your own blood. The doctor performing the treatment will collect a small portion of your blood before the injection. The blood will be treated in a centrifuge where the plasma will be separated from other components in your blood. The separated plasma will be enriched and injected in the face. The treatment can help to treat dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, fine lines and sagging skins on the face, help to restore skin tone, radiance, and elasticity.

How Does The Prp Skin Treatment Injections Work?

The reason why prp injection for the face is very effective in skin restoration is based on one factor. Platelets found in blood are responsible for helping skin to heal through regeneration of new cells. The platelet rich plasma once injected into the face, it will stimulate the growth of collagen in a very rapid way. In addition to this, the platelets will also stimulate the regeneration of tissues under the skin. This gives a newer, smoother, healthier, more elastic skin.  The fine lines, the wrinkles, the dark spots and the bags will disappear. The prp skin treatment is perhaps the most natural way of rejuvenating your skin and the great thing is that it has no side effects.

How Does Prp Compare With Dermal Fillers?

The use of dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm in skin restoration is also common. However, as a patient who is keen on keeping your skin healthy and radiant, you may wonder which option works best. Should you go with prp injections or dermal fillers? Well, to be honest, prp injections offer additional advantages. For instance, while dermal fillers will help rejuvenate your skin, you will need treatment at least four times a year to maintain results. The prp injection for face will achieve relatively more permanent results compared to dermal fillers. The prp injection is also cheaper in the long run. Finally, since the injection of platelet rich plasma simply stimulates the skin to regenerate itself, the results are spread all over the face. With dermal fillers, there are some places where they can’t reach and this limits their ability to offer a more holistic skin rejuvenation solution.

What To Expect During Prp Injections On The Face

The injection of platelet rich plasma is fairly painless. It’s actually a very comfortable procedure. The injections can be performed under local anesthesia to ease any pain. The great thing with prp injection for the face is that once you are treated you can resume your work immediately. There is no need for post-treatment bed rest or care. Traditionally, the entire process takes about 15 minutes. Even though immediately after you may experience some bruising and swelling, the issue will not last more than three days. There are some patients whose skin becomes uncomfortably tight or red after the injections. There is no need to worry; these issues will go away after three days. As for the amount of blood needed to develop the platelet rich plasma, well, it’s actually a very small portion. A small tube will be used to collect the blood for the prp injections for face to be done.

Getting a radiant and beautiful face can be achieved through natural PRP injections. Contact a dermatologist anytime and see how you can take advantage of these treatments.

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