PRP Injection For Hair Loss – What Are The Benefits

Losing hair due to aging or any other reason can be a huge concern. A full head of hair is definitely a big plus for confidence and better looks and as such, if you are experiencing hair loss it is important to explore a few solutions. There are many ways you can explore in restoring your hair. Some may even go for artificial hair extensions but of course, a bigger portion of people who suffer from hair loss would prefer a long-term natural solution.

Well, prp injection for hair loss will offer you exactly that. Platelet Rich plasma injections can be used to stimulate the regeneration of hair and achieve nature results in no time. So what exactly does the treatment do and how does it work? In this post you will get the full breakdown:

 How Does Prp Injection For Hair Loss Work?

The restoration of hair using platelet rich plasma is done in an hour by a professional doctor or specialists. The first step is to harvest the platelets to be used in the regeneration of hair. When you visit the doctor’s office, a tube of your blood will be collected through a normal blood donation process. The collected blood will be run through a special centrifuge where the blood components will be separated. One end you will have the red cells and the white cells while on the other hand, you will have plasma rich in platelets cells. The white and red cells will be returned to your body while the Platelet rich plasma will be injected using a very thin needle on the scalp. The platelets will then begin to stimulate the regeneration of cells and hair and you will soon see the results.

How Many Prp Injections For Hair Regenerations Do I Need?

The number of injections will depend on many factors. In most cases, the prp injection for hair loss is often an individualized treatment. It is important to visit a specialist so that your unique situation can be assessed. The extent of hair loss and the expected results are some of the major factors that will determine the number of treatments to be administered. However, most people will only need three or four PRP hair loss treatment sessions. And since the results are natural, you won’t need to worry about future treatments once the desired outcomes have been achieving.

What Are The Benefits Of Prp Injections In Hair Restoration?

There are so many solutions out there that can be used to help in hair regeneration. However, most are very hectic. Whether it’s the daily pills, the daily gels that you have to apply, or even artificial hair extension, they rarely offer the convenience and the natural results you get with prp injection for hair loss. The biggest benefit you get with these injections is that results are natural. In addition to this, contrary to what most people might think the treatment is extremely safe. From the harvesting of platelet rich plasma to the injection, you won’t have to worry about anything. Finally, there is no need to worry about downtime or such things. Once the injections are made you can go back to work.

How Much Will I Need?

The cost of platelet rich plasma hair injections will vary a lot depending on many factors. The average cost for every injection though is $1000. Since most people will need more than one injection, a budget of about $4000 will be needed for the actual results to finally be realized. However, this is not a definite price. There are people who may need full head hair restoration while others may just need minor restoration. These factors will determine the number of injections needed and ultimately the final price you will have to pay for the entire process. However, three treatments are often enough but there could be cases where more than three injections are needed.

Hair restorations can be a simple, painless, and natural process all thanks to prp injection for hair loss. Feel free to learn more about this procedure and arrange a consultation with a specialist to restore your hair and your confidence. Besides, you don’t find a more natural hair loss treatment options out there than this one.

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