Recovery After Breast Augmentation Procedure

The amount of time it is going to take you to recover from a breast augmentation procedure will depend on a number of factors. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the various recovery aspects.

Preparation for the After Breast Augmentation Recovery

Whether you plan to stay in the hospital or go home after breast augmentation, make sure there is a responsible adult who can look after you the first 24 hours. You cannot be left alone the first day and neither can you walk alone. During this period, you will be prone to falling, fainting, and hurting yourself. This means you will have to wake up the adult for assistance in case you need to visit the washrooms.

What to Expect After the Operation

Once the procedure is complete, you will be woken up from your sleep by the anesthetist. The medical team will then take you to the recovery room where you will closely be monitored until you are fully awake. Expect to feel groggy and tired at this point.

Because of the operation, you will have some bruises, swelling of the breasts, and experience discomfort. To reduce the discomfort feeling, firmly hold the breast in place and protect the wounds. Apart from the bandages wrapped around your chest, will also be putting on a surgical bra.

The few spots of blood that you will notice on your bandage do not mean you are bleeding. But they might be removed the next morning if need be.

The effects below are very normal after the surgery:

  • Breast swelling.
  • Bruising around the chest and breast area.
  • Constipation – if you have taken too many painkillers.
  • Feeling sick and nausea.

Will it be Painful?

Anesthesia will be administered before augmentation to make target area numb. To minimize any discomfort that may occur after the procedure, a customized cocktail will be given to you.

The amount of pain you experience will largely depend on the surgical technique used and the doctor’s experience. People also tend to have different pain tolerance. A majority of ladies are able to go back to their usual activities 2 to 3 days after the surgery.

Breast Augmentation Post-Operative Care

After breast augmentation you must:

  • Go back to the clinic in order to have your sutures or surgical drains removed.
  • Massage your breasts as instructed by the surgeon and the medical team.

After Surgery Restrictions

Avoid the following after the surgery:

  • Sleeping on your side or stomach for 6 weeks – you must always sleep on you back.
  • Performing vigorous physical activities like jumping or running as this will make your breasts bounce and probably lead to dislodging of your implants, or opening the wounds.
  • Trying to take a look at the scars through lifting your arms or pulling up the breasts themselves. This way, you risk breaking up your wounds.
  • Lifting the arms above the shoulders, especially if the procedure was done through the Trans-Axillary method.
  • Making the wounds wet in the first 5 days of the operation, unless the surgeon has put waterproof bandages around the wound.

What to Look for After the Operation

If any of the following things occur, contact your surgeon immediately:

  • If any or both of the breasts are swollen.
  • A bleeding soak through the bandage and it does not stop.
  • A severe headache.
  • Deep pain in the chest, or difficulty breathing.

Follow-Up Visits

Once the surgery is complete, there will be follow-up visits scheduled by the surgeon specifically to monitor your healing and progress. You should never miss follow-up visits as they are very important. They ensure the breast implants have settled as planned and breast scars healed properly.

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