Recovery After Breast Implants With Lift

After your surgery, you will not be immediately discharged from the hospital and you will be in a position to consult your surgeon after your operation. As a guideline, the patient is advised to take one to two weeks off work, depending on their physical requirements and the level of activity at their work place. Some women go back to work in as little as two to three days following a breast implants with lift surgery. People who tend to heal faster are people who were already in good health even before the operation.


After the breast surgery, you may feel very tired and your breasts may get swollen. You will also experience discomfort after the breast enhancement surgery. Your surgeon will give you advice on how much you can physically exert yourself, and the recovery plan you should follow and when the right time to go back to work is.


After the first two days after you have undergone the procedure, you should start feeling comfortable. It is advisable not to take part in any taxing activities for about three to four weeks since your breasts will still be painful during this time. The swelling should start going down after three to four weeks. By this time, your breasts will not be very painful. If you feel pain when doing a particular activity then it means that you are exerting yourself too much and you should stop.


To ensure that you recover swiftly from the breast implant with lift surgery, sleep on pillows that have been propped up, so as to reduce the swelling of the breasts. Sleep on your back for the first few weeks. You will need to buy a surgical support bra to wear every day and night for about four weeks after the surgery.



The sutures stitch knots should be trimmed twelve to seven days after surgery. Immediately after the breast lift with implants, you will have bandages over your breasts. They should not be removed and should be kept dry until you go for your review. If the pain becomes too much, use over the counter painkillers to relieve the pain and avoid aspirins since they can cause bleeding.


The wounds should be kept dry for about 72 hours after the operation, so consider sponge bathing instead of taking a shower. The swelling on the breast will disappear at about three to five weeks. Your breast will be sensitive to touch during this period.


Scars will take up to a year and a half to fully mature and they should be kept away from the sun for about a year or use total sun block. For total healing and to prevent infections, eat a balanced diet and drink lots of fluids. Avoid smoking after the breast implants and lift procedure since it increases the chance of chest infections and it reduces the speed at which wounds heal.

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