Requesting Pictures Of Breast Implants

From time to time, you will come across different discussions on pictures of breast implants, and most people will wonder why. These pictures really help you out a great deal, especially when you are planning to have implants at some point in life. It is important therefore that you understand the important role that the breast implant pictures will play in getting you the results you want, and why you have to request for them.

When you meet a surgeon that is going to get you implants, it is usually a good idea to discuss with them the kind of results that you will get. Of course, any surgeon will tell you that they have been in the industry long enough and have had the same procedure you want to be done on so many women with great results. To be safer, they should show you the results they have achieved with their patients so far, and then from there, you can make up your mind on whether they can get you the results that you need.


The pictures are not just about the surgeon’s perspective of the process, but they are also about you. How is that so? It is called managing your expectations.

Managing your expectations

One of the most important things that patients are normally told in the course of the consultation process is to be realistic in their expectations. Of course, you can come to the surgeon with a predetermined idea of what you really want to get out of the breast implant process. However, some of these ideas are usually so far-fetched.

There are some surgeons who will let such ideas go, and those are the kind of surgeons that you need to avoid. A good surgeon is supposed to tell you whether what you want is conceivable or not. Indeed, the idea is to give you what you want, but if it is impossible, or if it is possible but will give you a hard time going through life after the procedure, your surgeon should counsel you and tell you the reality, the truth of what you are looking into.

This is the main reason why you need to manage your expectations, and it is possible through the pictures of breast implants. When you see some of the work that the surgeon has done for their previous patients on the breast implant results that you will be shown, you can see how real it is. You can see what size one of the patients had before the procedure and the result that they ended up with, and compare it with what you are looking for.


When you do this, it is easier for you to appreciate the results that you have at the end of the operation, and move on with your life a satisfied patient. You also should realize that these pictures basically give you an idea of the result you should look for, and could also be the basis for your lawsuit against the surgeon should you end up with something other than what they showed you in the first place.

Expected Results

Having looked at some of the pictures of breast implants, you will perhaps be thinking in terms of the results you should expect. With a breast augmentation, you will notice that the results are usually almost immediately visible. You have to see the bulge in your chest different from what you normally have immediately after the procedure, and this is one of the expectations that you will have after looking at the pictures of breast implants before and after.


Of course, there will be some discomfort, swelling perhaps, but this should typically subside over time. After some weeks, the swelling will pass, and the incision lines will also fade away. You will start seeing the true fruits of the operation, and appreciate your new shape better. As you keep recovering from the surgery, you should be more satisfied with the results such that by the time you achieve full recovery, you will be in love with the results. Remember, however, that the only way for you to get the best results after augmentation is to follow all the instructions that your surgeon requests of you, and keep all your follow-up visits.

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