Reshape Your Body Using Bum Implants

If you would like to increase the size of your buttocks and make them shapelier, bum implants might be the solution that you need. If you have a flat bum, exercise and squats can only do so much, especially if you are genetically predisposed to having a small bum.  Buttock implantation surgery can do wonders for you and drastically change your appearance.  You can get a bum that is as big as you like. This will improve your look and give your body a more youthful appearance.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Bum Implants Surgery?

  • If your buttocks are not the same size
  • If your buttocks are irregularly shaped
  • If you have a flat bottom that you want to make rounder
  • If you want to get a bigger bum
  • If your butt is not in proportion to the rest of your body
  • If you want bigger butts but you do not have a lot of body fat, so as to get fat injections in your butt

Most butt patients tend to be thin and have flat bottoms.


Complementary Procedures That Can Be Done Together With Buttock Implantation Surgery

There are some procedures that can be done at the same time when you are having your bum implants surgery. The main aim of these procedures is to make your body more proportional and refine your look further. This includes:

  • Liposuction– This can be done to sculpt the area around your waist.
  • Fat grafting– It will help your butts to look rounder.

Just keep in mind that for each additional procedure that is done on you when you are having your buttock implants operation, you will require additional time to recover.


Before The Butt Augmentation Surgery

  • It is essential that you stop smoking at least 3 weeks to your operation. You should also not smoke until 2 weeks later when your wounds would have healed. Surgery slows down wound healing, so if you smoke it will take you longer to recover from the procedure.
  • You should also avoid any kind of aneslegic a few weeks before and after your surgery. These are substances that thin out your blood and may lead to excessive bleeding during your operation.


The Implant Procedure

The first thing you will be required to do is to choose an implant size. This depends on how big you would like to go. You can also choose an implant based on its shape. There are round, as well as oval implants.

The bum implants procedure is carried out under general anesthesia. The implant is normally inserted into the gluteal area. It can be inserted over the muscles or under the muscles or inside the muscles. Inserting the implant inside the muscles is the most preferred option since it results in the least amount of complications.  Inserting the bum inserts under the muscle results in a more natural looking appearance that makes your bum look rounder.

To insert the implants, the doctor will make a vertical incision on the sacrum and then insert the implant into the muscle. After this, they will stitch up the area in layers. The doctor might insert drains into the stitched area, so as to prevent fluid from building up in the area. These drains will be inserted when you go back for a review after your surgery, normally after 2 weeks.

The doctor will decide where the bum implants are located. Usually, the insert is not normally placed on the area that you use to sit, so you are never actually going to sit on it. The most popular location is having it inserted on the bottom of the butt, which is the area where the cheeks of the butt meet your thighs. It takes 2 hours to carry out this procedure. If you want any other additional procedures carried out, the time you spend in surgery will be much longer.

Recovery from the Butt Implants Procedure

After the butt implants surgery, you might have to stay in hospital for a day, so as to be under observation of the doctor. After this, you can go home and retune for scheduled appointment in intervals.

The first 2 weeks after the operation will be the hardest. You are not allowed to sit during this time. You are to lie on your stomach throughout.  When you eventually start sitting again, start by sit on soft cushions.  You will also experience some bruising and swelling and pain. This can be handled by the pain medication that you are given when you are discharged.

You are required to rest a lot and not exercise or engage in any strenuous activity after your bum implants surgery. You will typically require 2-3 weeks off work. You can gradually resume your normal activities 4-6 weeks after surgery.

You can shower on the 2nd day after having the butt augmentation surgery. You will have to wear a garment over your butt for the first 3 weeks after the procedure. Take good care of the wound where the incision was made. Keep it clean at all times. In case you get an infection, you will be put on antibiotics. If the infection gets worse, the implant might have to be removed.

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