Sad Reality Of Plastic Surgery Fails

There are a lot of people who have considered plastic surgery in the past, and quite a number have had amazing results. However, that cannot be said for everyone. There are people who have been quite unlucky and ended up with some of the worst plastic surgery results. There are people whose lives have been destroyed as a result of the plastic surgery fails, and it is because of this reason that it would be wise for you to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are getting into, the right doctor for the procedure, and more importantly, an easier way to overcome any challenges that you might experience in the process.

To increase the chances that you might get a good outcome from the procedure, it is usually a good idea for you to make sure that you look for a doctor who really understands what you need, someone who has been on the market for so many years, and more importantly, someone who has so many good reviews for the work that they have done for other patients before you.

Towards that end, there are some common complications that you will experience in the course of or after surgery that does not necessarily mean that you are having a problem, or things are going bad. You simply need to get in touch with your doctor as soon as you notice some of these things and let them help you stay in good and healthy condition. With billions being spent in the cosmetic surgery industry each year, it is important to ensure that you do not run the risk of complications from time to time, especially since some procedures will often have to be performed more than once in life.

The following are some of the common plastic surgery fails that you might need to be aware of, just in case you are worried about cosmetic surgery gone wrong.


This is a pocket of blood that often looks like a painfully large bruise. For most of those who undergo breast augmentation, up to 6% of those patients usually endure this problem, and in fact, it is also very common soon after a facelift.

It is important for you to take note that this is a condition that is a risk in almost all surgeries, and in order to treat it, your doctors might have to consider other operations to help in draining the blood out of your system.

Nerve Damage:

One of the biggest concerns that a lot of people tend to have with cosmetic surgery is the risk of nerve damage. This is not just in cosmetic surgery, but with any other surgical procedure that you might have to undergo in life. The common signs of nerve damage will be tingling or numbness in the part that has just been treated.

For women who have just undergone breast augmentation, about 15% of the patients usually go through this. In fact, loss of sensitivity or a change in sensitivity after breast augmentation is very common, and if you notice this, it would be wise to get in touch with your doctor, so that they can see how to assist you accordingly.


There is always a risk of infection in cosmetic surgery fails. In fact, this is one of the reasons why patients are usually advised to get in touch with their doctors and discuss the procedure ahead of time. If you have a qualified doctor, there is a lower chance of infection than getting the procedure from a doctor that you barely know about.

With respect to plastic surgery fails, what you are supposed to do is observe the appropriate post-operation care. There are a number of things that your doctor will advise you to consider so that in the long run, you are able to increase the likelihood that you can heal faster, and more importantly, be able to heal with a lower risk of infection.

More importantly, most of the times when patients get infections after surgery, in most cases it is usually because they fail to follow the instructions they were given by their doctors to the latter.

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