Safe Removal Of Breast Implants

There are patients who have had implants in the past, but for one reason or the other, they need to have them removed. It is not always an easy decision to make. The removal of breast implants will in most cases have the patient thinking about a number of scenarios. There are patients who opt for breast implant removal as a precautionary measure and then there are others who basically remove them so that they can have a different set of implants.


The same way that you took the time to research on the prospects before you had the implants is the same manner that you will need to research the options that you have for removal. You also have to speak to your surgeon, so that you are all on the same page when it comes to the procedure that you need to have carried out. There is a natural option that you can consider, which will be a feasible solution to your breast implant problems. There are surgeons that have perfected the fat transfer method for patients who had implants in the past, but are now struggling in one way or the other, and need to have them removed.

One thing that is true is that in as much as there are patients who will love and appreciate the implants, there are some who will also go through the same experience, but in the long run they might have some problems with their implants.

Fat transfer method

In terms of the removal of breast implants, the fat transfer method has provided a lot of comfort to patients who have been experiencing some challenges with the implants they have. This is a minimally invasive technique for breast reconstruction and augmentation that helps to correct the implant problems. The implant is completely removed and in its place, the surgeon will have your own fat. The fat is used to create a breast that feels so natural. There are other situations where the implant you have could be removed and replaced with another implant, after which fat is added to give you an awesome appearance.


In a single grafting session, it is possible for the surgeon to deliver up to a half of the volume of the implant that you had earlier on. This becomes a permanent augmentation, not from an implant, but from your own body fat.

At the end of the day, you end up with breasts that are soft, look and feel more natural, and could even be smaller than the implants, depending on the size that you are looking for. However, for those who want the implants removed and replaced, you will also notice that the new size will be much larger than the original size you had for your breasts, by almost a half the size of the implant that was removed. Just in case you need to still have larger breasts, this can also be done through further augmentation in another fat transfer sessions some months down the line. You should discuss the prospect with your surgeon so that they can advise you accordingly with respect to the size you are looking for.


Breast implant re-operation

By taking into consideration the fact that breast implants will need constant maintenance and care, re-operation of implants is a procedure that so many patients will most likely need to look into. There are some complications that could arise for such patients, hence the need for the removal of breast implants that they earlier on had in their breast cavity.

There are situations where the patient goes through severe complications, and in such a case, the only option could be having the breast implants removed. In such a case, a re-operation will be necessary, with another implant being placed in a different pocket.

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