Save Lives By Donating Plasma To Biolife Oshkosh

If you would like to do something that will change the lives of other people, consider donating to Biolife Oshkosh. Plasma center Oshkosh strives to collect plasma that will save the lives of people who have rare and life-threatening diseases. Any adult who is in good health can donate their plasma at the center. Before making your donation, you will have to undergo a full health check by one of the medical professionals at the facility, so as to determine your eligibility to make a donation.

Who Cannot Donate to Biolife Oshkosh?

  • If you’ve heard a recent body piercing, chances are that you may not be able to donate unless 4-12 months have passed. You should be able to explain how the piercing was done so that staff members can advise you on whether you should donate or not.
  • Also, if you’ve recently had a tattoo, you may not be able to donate unless 12 months have elapsed. However, if the tattoo was performed safely, there is a chance that you can donate. The staff will examine and advice you on whether you can donate.

Advantages of Donating To a Plasma Collection Oshkosh Center

  • You will receive monetary compensation for your plasma donation to Biolife Oshkosh. Some people use this cash to put food on the table or to save. You can use the money gained from the plasma collection Oshkosh center however you want.
  • You will save the lives of many people who need plasma therapy. These people often have little-known diseases that are rarely diagnosed properly. This includes people who have hemophilia, burns and shock.
  • This is a low-risk procedure, so there are no minimal side effects.
  • The procedure is carried out in safe and sanitary conditions so you will be treated well during the whole donation process.
  • You will have the benefit of getting a full health check. This is done to determine your eligibility to make a donation. If you’ve never had a full health check before, this would be a good chance to get one free of charge. This will let you know whether you have any health conditions.
  • If you are a parent and you have small kids, the center provides babysitting services. Biolife Oshkosh has a playroom that can accommodate children from 6 months old to 12 years old. Your children will be well looked after as you are making your donation. The playroom is fun and there are games and activities that your kids will enjoy.


What Is Plasma?

This is the yellow body fluid that is part of your blood. It has water and proteins. This fluid can easily be replaced by your body after you’ve made a donation to the plasma collection Oshkosh center. You can make a donation once a month and if you are in really good health, you can even make donations twice a week.

After making a donation, you are most likely to feel quite thirsty. This can be solved by drinking some fluids before you leave the facility. You will also need to eat healthy meals after making your donation so that your body can recover faster.

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