Sedation Dentistry Near Me: Can I Qualify for It?

I know! I know! Going to the dentist can be a real ordeal, especially if you have some major dental work that you need to have done. At this point. you just want to go and Google “Sedation Dentistry Near Me.” And while opting for sedation dentistry may seem like an easy solution, it may not be the right answer for your needs.

First Let’s Get Down to What Sedation Dentistry Is

Sedation dentistry is when a dentist uses some form of relaxant during dental treatment. It relaxes you and puts you into a sleep-like state. This is a process used during dental treatment where your dentist may need a lot of time or in procedures that can be  painful. Sedation is a viable option when you might have some type of extreme fear of the dentist. It would be wonderful to think that the dentist puts you completely to sleep during sedation dentistry. This way you won’t remember a thing right? But unfortunately, this is not the case. Most types of sedation just take care fo the anxiety while the dentist goes to work.


When Should You Look for “Sedation Dentistry Near Me?

It depends on the type of anxiety or fear you have. A good sedation dentistry specialist will analyze your case and determine which sedation he can use. This can include conscious sedation where he might give you a sedative, or it may include a sedation with nitrous oxide which you inhale. For more serious oral surgery processes your dental professional may decide to use intravenous (IV) sedation. So you see choosing a professional who has “Sedation dentistry near me” may not be as easy as you think.

These different dentistry techniques make it possible for the dentist to work efficiently on your teeth. So if the fear of going to the dentist is keeping you from getting the work you need done performed, then yes you need to Google “Sedation dentistry near me,” or find a dentist that specializes in working with people who have extreme fear,

As we’ve mentioned before, there are actually four types sedation that dentists use. These include:

Oral Sedatives

If you are a little anxious in the dental chair, your dentist can sometimes give you an oral sedative. This might be a prescription for something like diazepam. He might prescribe it for you to take before the surgery or procedure, or in some cases, he might give it to you in the office prior to undergoing the dental procedure. This will depend on how severe your anxiety might be.  Oral sedatives don’t eliminate the pain, so your dentist will also give you local anesthetic to keep you from feeling anything during the procedure.


Intravenous (IV)

This is a type of sedation dentistry that dental professionals use in surgery. It is not something you can Google and look for “Sedation dentistry near me.” But when dentists use it, this relaxes and makes you unconscious bet it does not remove pain so the doctor will also give you further anesthetic.


Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Some dentists use a type of inhalation sedation. This is called laughing gas by people who are not dental professionals. It does not make you lose consciousness and is less risky than other types of sedation.

General Anesthesia

When the dentist uses this method, he puts you to sleep and you wont know what is going on or of the procedure underway. Most people looking for “Dental sedation near me, ” would love to have this type of sedation, but unfortunately, most dental procedures do not require it.

These are the four types of general sedation used in a dental office:



This is a type of very light sedation. And there are many medications that offer anxiolysis; however, most dentists use nitrous oxide, which you inhale before he begins the treatment.


Conscious sedation

This is a more  intense type of sedation and can be given to you through nitrous oxide and sometimes by IV. These types of sedatives help you remain conscious at all times but make you less anxious.


Deep sedation

This is a type of sedation that makes you sort of unconscious. However,  the dentist will use oxygen to help you breathe.


When the dentist decides to give you this type of anesthesia he will also use oxygen and watch that your airway does not close.  This type of dental sedation is usually only used for more serious dental surgery such as when you get teeth removed.


Who is a Good Candidate for Dental Sedation?

While sedation is not a solution for every patient, it can help to relieve patients with  extreme anxiety, and you may do well in googling “Sedation Dentistry Near Me.”

If you have a medical condition you need to tell your dentist before getting a sedation dentistry procedure. So when you are looking for “Sedation Dentistry near me” you need to explain the problem over the phone when asking for an appointment. You also need to tell the dentist about any medications you take and any previous allergic reactions you might have to medications. Know that sedation dentistry is generally reserved for adults. However, there are also options available for children, but these are administered by dental professionals who specialize in pediatrics.


The cost of sedation dentistry depends on where you live and the amount of insurance coverage you have. Of course, it also depends on the dentist you use.  Costs will always vary depending on the state you live in, your community and the type of sedation. It usually ranges anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to upward of a thousand.


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