Silver Dental Braces Offer More than Just A Cool Look

There are Varying Dental Health Reasons for Using Silver Braces

Sorry! You can’t just go to your dentist and tell him that you want silver braces. You just can’t get braces because you think they are cool. There has to be a viable and good dental health reason for having braces and these reasons can differ, but mainly it is because there is crooked teeth growth. Teeth grow in crooked for many reason. This can be from genetics or simply because you grew up with bad habits as a child. The point is that now you have crooked, overlapping, or twisted teeth and need to do something about it.

You may have crowded teeth, or teeth that are too small or large for your mouth. Your upper or lower jaw may misalign with the other. Whatever the reason, there is an overbite or underbite, both of  which are a potrusion between jaws.


So what do you have? I hate to be redundant here, and you probably already know it: you have crooked teeth, and now this may be the reason why you might want to get silver braces.  

What Types of Problems Can The Misalignment Cause?

Crooked teeth and misaligned bites have significant dental health issues. They can:

  • Cause an inability to chew food properly, hence a digestive order.
  • Cause oral higyene to be more difficult, which in turn can cause cavities and other health problems. 
  • This misalignment can put more stress on teeth and cause erosion.
  • Cause you to feel ugly and bad about yourself. 

How Do I Know if I Have a Problem? 


The signs are obvious when you look in the mirror and see crooked teeth. But some people may not have a significant problem. This is why it may be best to leave this decision up to your dentist. He is the one that can tell you whether you need those silver braces you think are so cool. When you go in for an initial orthodontics appointment, your dentist will want to check these things to see if silver braces are the right option for you:

  • Misalignment of teeth
  • Protrusion in the appearance of the face
  • Problems when chewing or biting
  • Problems with speaking

If it is your dentist making the initial analysis, and if he sees a problem, will  refer you to an orthodontist. This is a specialist in treating crooked teeth and misaligned jaws. This is the guy who will give you those silver braces if he thinks it is appropriate.

What Tests Will the Orthodontist Need?

The orthodontist will probably conduct a few tests, inspect, and make teeth impressions. This helps him analyze and study your bite carefully before recommending a certain  type of treatment. At some point, your orthodontist may decide he needs additional information and will  want to take regular photographs of your face to further examine the misalignment of your teeth and of your jaws. 

Bottom Line

Once the orthodontist carefully analyzes your situation, he will make a diagnosis and choose the type of treatment that best suits your needs.  In some cases, this might be invisible aligners, silver braces or some other type of treatment. He may even decide he needs  to remove  one or more teeth  to handle the overcrowding. In most cases, he will suggest those cool silver braces to  correct the problem. In rare and extreme cases, he may also suggest an additional surger to repair  an extreme overbite or underbite.

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