Smart Liposuction Miami

Smart lipo is method of liposuction done by laser. The procedure is less invasive and is designed to break down fats and shape the body without the need for surgery. Smart liposuction Miami is very effective in removing fats.  The area is treated with a saline solution, which has local anesthesia.  A small incision is then made on the skin and a cannula with the laser is inserted in the area where there is fat. The fat cells are diluted by the energy from the laser and they are sucked out through the cannula.

At this point in the procedure, the small blood vessels located in the deep tissue will be cauterized, which helps in preventing bruising.  The laser is used to heat the fats underneath the skin. The skin is stimulated to produce collagen, which makes the skin elastic. A contour is created by removing cell fragments and oil.

Another technique that is used is a procedure where the fats are not removed from the body but are absorbed naturally into the body. This is mainly used in areas such as the neck to tighten it. You do not need to be hospitalized after lipo in Miami. The results of using the technology improve the results of the liposuction. It removes fat from specific areas. The laser can break the fats from the top of layers of skin, blood vessels; it reduces inflammation and leaves the skin smooth and tight. The pain is minimal, there is little bruising and the recovery takes a short time.


Candidates for Liposuction Miami

Patients with normal body weight but with fat deposits in particular areas are the perfect candidates for smart Liposuction Miami. Those who would like to look better and healthy through the elimination of fats, which sometimes are hard to get rid of by exercise are the best for this procedure. Those with healthy skin with a good texture and tone respond fast to the treatment.

After the procedure, the liposuction patient in Miami will still have some lipo left. This will help in reducing the pain that comes after surgery. The patient will be nauseated due to the anesthesia. After two days, the patient can go back to work and continue with their normal activities. Compression garments are worn during the first two weeks after smart lipo while those who go for traditional lipo will have to wear it for six weeks. The patient only needs one treatment session, which takes about 45 minutes. Rest for sometime before going back to your normal activities. Stay away from the Jacuzzi and any other exercise for about 2 weeks.

The lipo can be done on love handles, neck, arms, breast, face and neck and all the areas with loose skin.  It is good for treating those areas where exercise does not help, if you want to get rid of excess fat then lipo is the way to go.  Smart Liposuction Miami promotes the production of collagen, which helps in tightening the skin and it is ideal for shaping for removing fat from different parts of the body.  It can boost the self esteem of an individual and reverse the effects of aging. Scarring is almost invisible and it is safe with absolutely no discomfort. Those who are busy are the best candidates for this treatment method.  There are no reactions and allergies caused by anesthesia.

The risks include swelling, bruising and numbness. The bigger the area being treated, the higher the risk involved. Recovery takes a short time and the results will appear more recently and continue progressing over the next 2 weeks.

Choosing a Doctor for Liposuction in Miami

Choose a surgeon who can deliver the highest results and has the best training in medicine. The surgeon should take pride in what he does and ensure that he is artistic and pays attention to detail. Miami has nice facilities to stay in, therefore make sure you choose the best.  Do your research before choosing a doctor.

Before the Smart Lipo Miami procedure, the patient should talk to the doctor about their medical history, so that the doctor can give them the best medicine. It is important to choose a surgeon who is board certified. Ask the doctor for before and after pictures of the procedures he has done before. Ask the doctor as many questions as possible about the procedure and ensure that he answers them thoroughly. Those who have struggled with being overweight for a long time always gain new freedom and they can wear what they want including swim suits.

The cost of liposuction in Miami depends on how much work you want done. The procedure is not cheap but the results are worth it.  It depends on the anesthesia used, the part of the body that has been suctioned. The procedure can be done together with other surgeries which can lower the cost of surgery.

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