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Smart Shopping For Kids Toothbrushes

Smart Shopping For Kids Toothbrushes

Kids Toothbrush

Oral care is very important, and developing good oral hygiene should start early in childhood. Even before your baby gets teeth, it is good to wipe out the mouth with a piece of gauze and gently massage the gums, which can be especially soothing to a baby that is teething. However, once his “baby teeth” start coming in, it is time to teach and encourage tooth care, which will include brushing the teeth at least twice a day–and that means investing in a proper children’s toothbrush.A children’s toothbrush is essentially the same as an adult toothbrush, with the differences being in the size and type of bristles used. A toothbrush is generally a durable plastic wand that has a brush of sorts protruding from one end. They are used to gently massage the tooth and brush away any residue that is left on the teeth from the food and liquids we consume, as well as the normal germs that can build up on teeth and between them. For young children that are first getting teeth or already have their baby teeth, it is extremely important to keep the baby teeth clean and well cared for, as these baby teeth protect the future teeth that are developing below the gum line. So having and using a proper kids toothbrush is an important step to encouraging good oral hygiene with your child.

What to Look for

There are several quality brand oral care manufacturers on the market today, so finding a children’s toothbrush should never be a hard task. You can find them in local convenient stores, supermarkets and drugstores. Whatever brand you decide to go with, you will want to make sure and get a children’s toothbrush that soft-nylon bristles. Soft-nylon bristles will be less abrasive to the young child’s tooth enamel, but will effectively clean the teeth. Make sure the wand portion of the toothbrush is durable and will not snap or break easily.

Children’s toothbrushes come in many colors and even with cute familiar characters. Allowing your child to choose the toothbrush they like might also encourage them to get involved in brushing their teeth. There are even brands that take the guesswork out of which type is best for your child by placing an age guide on them. For example, a baby up to age 2 will benefit from a toothbrush that will gently clean deciduous teeth while massaging the gums. A child between age 2 and 6 will need a toothbrush that can gently clean and remove plaque from teeth and reach posterior teeth, and a child aged 6 and up will need a toothbrush that clean teeth at the different stages they are at during the phase of tooth loss, plus it may have a tongue cleaning application attached.

Common Pitfalls

Parents do not always know when to start encouraging oral care with their small children, and may not take the young child to the dentist. This can lead to tooth decay and may contribute to bad oral care habits. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and most pediatric dentists, a child should have their first dental check-up around 1 year of age. This way the dentist can establish the proper way to approach oral care in a young child and offer tips on the specific type of children’s toothbrushes that will benefit the child. The cost of a children’s toothbrush is pretty standard, but parents must remember to replaced worn out toothbrushes periodically, especially once the bristles begin to splay out.

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