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Soft dentures- great alternative to traditional dentures

If you need dentures, then there are few elements that you need to take into consideration. First and foremost is the price of the dentures. The price depends on many factors and the entire procedure may be costly. Once you have had your dentures installed, you will have to take good care of them and pay attention to your oral health and hygiene. Here is some additional information on dentures.

What you should know about dentures


If your dentist has informed you that you need to wear dentures, there are few things that you should discuss with your dentist. Do not be ashamed to ask any question, because all information that you can get will be more than useful. In addition, there are many internet web sites where you can get informed on the different types of dentures, the time needed for them to be made, the period following their installation, the manner of cleaning and maintenance etc. Such helpful information can be easily found on sites, such as http:,,, etc. There are few types of dentures, such as permanent dentures, temporary dentures, partial dentures, soft dentures, one-day dentures, cosmetic dentures etc. The type of denture that you are going t receive depends on the situation of the teeth in your mouth. If you are missing only a few teeth, then you will probably get partial dentures, and if the situation is extremely bad and all your natural teeth are extracted, then you will probably get permanent denture.

Hygiene, hygiene and hygiene

The first rule when it comes to any type of denture is the high level of hygiene. The dentures should be brushed after each meal. Use toothbrush and toothpaste to brush your denture. When you take out the denture at night, brush it and put it in cleaning solution. In addition, do not forget to clean your mouth or your remaining natural teeth. The dentures should always be in cup of water or cleaning solution when you are not wearing them, to prevent any deformation of the denture. In addition, if you feel that the denture is nit fitting well or is making your gums soar, then you should visit your dentist to adjust your denture. You should in no case attempt to adjust your dentures by yourself using clamps or any other tool, because this may ruin your dentures, causing breaking, deformation and wounding of your gums and bleeding. There are also special dental glues, also called dental cements which are used to keep your denture in place.

Soft dentures

If your dentist has informed you that you need to wear dentures, ask him/her about the option of wearing soft dentures. They are excellent alternative for people who have hard time getting adjusted to the traditional acrylic bases. Many people feel discomfort, which is due to the rubbing of the acrylic bases. The soft dentures are made of soft and flexible material, which feels more natural in the mouth of the patient. They adjust excellently to the gums, so there is no need to apply dental glue. They are more stable as compared to traditional dentures and are more resistant to bacteria. The only disadvantage is that they more expensive than other dentures, but they are really worth.

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