Sonicare® Gets Competition As Emmi®-dent Ultrasonic Toothbrush Debuts In U.S.

Sonicare® Gets Competition As Emmi®-dent Ultrasonic Toothbrush Debuts In U.S.

Ultra-clean your mouth with a new micro-cleaning process powered by 100% pure ultrasound.  The development of an ultrasonic device to clean your teeth and mouth with ultrasound, represents a revolution in the field of dental hygiene and prophylaxis treatment. Until today, teeth could only be cleaned using abrasive methods by “applying abrasive particles“ in toothpaste. The brush cleans areas where the bristles reach.

Manual, electric and sonic toothbrushes clean only where the bristles reach. They have to apply abrasive toothpastes. By contrast, Emmi-dent’s ultrasound cleans everywhere, even in places where dental floss cannot reach. Ultrasound cleans much more thoroughly than toothbrushes with brushes, and it cleans even deep inside fissures and gum pockets. The new Emmi-Tech process used in ultrasonic oral cleaning devices not only cleans the teeth but also works between the teeth, the fissures and the gingival pockets – all without friction, with no movement of the brush and without “applying abrasives“ which can damage the enamel.

Scientific Background: How ultrasound kills bacteria

The fundamental research on the effects of ultrasound on bacteria dates back to 1953, when Dr. Hartwick (Freie Universität in Berlin/Germany) published his studies on the effects of ultrasound on bacteria. In 1978, the two researchers Sajas und Gorbatow were able to fully prove & document the destruction of micro organisms via ultrasound. In 1992, new studies published by Schütt, Abraham et al. about their findings document the rupture of bacteria cells and enzymes.

The antibacterial effect of ultrasound (in the case of Emmi-dent the 96 million oscillations per minute as compared to Sonicare 40,000 oscillations per minute) is based on the very rapid sequence of pressure increase and decrease (cavity principle) in the cell microorganism which leads to stress on the organism’s membrane and a consequential destruction of the cell.

The triple benefit from the use of the Emmi-dent Ultraclean – It helps prevent or minimize dental diseases by attacking the problem, the bacteria (which are almost exclusively the reason for dental problems).

Bacteria on the tooth surface and gum, together with other substances such as sugar or starch, form a sticky plaque. This plaque is the main cause of gum irritation and inflammation of the gums. The bacteria in plaque emits metabolic byproducts that cause inflammation at the gingival margin (gingivitis). Without proper hygiene, this process may progress and may lead to the degradation of the gums. Fibers, tissue and bone around the teeth are destroyed. From the initiation of gingivitis, periodontitis may develop. In extreme cases, teeth lose their grip and fall out or need to be extracted.

The trilogy

The tooth cleaning and oral hygiene have a triple benefit when using an oral ultrasound cleaning device (such as Emmi-dent):

1) It gently cleans the tooth surfaces, between the teeth, periodontal pockets and fissures with a lasting effect. After the ultrasound cleaning, put your tongue on your teeth – the surface feels extremely smooth, because the plaque and other contaminants have been removed.

2) It acts prophylactically – the antibacterial effect of ultrasound removes the plaque and tartar; inflammation cannot occur.

3) It has a therapeutic effect, i.e. when a patient develops an inflammation such as periodontitis, aphthous ulcers, etc. Within a few days the inflammation can be reduced or cured by destroying the bacteria causing the infection.

Ultrasound not only ultracleans, but has a prophylactic (preventive) benefit as well. It prevents dental diseases by killing germs and bacteria. The basis of all dental diseases is bacteria that cannot be dealt with adequately and destroyed by the human immune system. Emmi-dent ultrasound kills bacteria, thus removing this possible source of dental diseases on a sustainable basis. In addition, ultrasound invigorates the blood flow inside the vessels and the tissue and, therefore, the body releases more of its own energy, which has a prophylactic effect.

Ultrasound is also therapeutic (helps to heal), because it kills germs and bacteria – not only on the teeth and gum (e.g. plaque, tartar, tooth decay), but also inside the gum. Ultrasound penetrates the tissue up to about 12 mm deep and kills bacteria/suppuration on the periodontium and tooth roots (e.g. gingivitis, periodontitis, peri-implantitis after implantology are removed or weakened).

Due to the increased blood circulation and the release of the body’s own energies, the immune system and the body’s defense system are strengthened significantly, and a lasting healing effect is promoted and accelerated.

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