Successful Candidates For Breast Reduction And Lift

One of the most common scenarios that a lot of people find themselves in at the moment is the need to try and improve their appearance through breast reduction and lift. It is only fair, considering that there are so many people, ladies in particular, who are unable to get through their lives as confident as they would love to be. This happens because of the challenges associated with having breasts that are not “perfect”, and it can take a toll on someone’s life.


However, you do not need to go through this at all, or anymore. There is no need for you to suffer in silence when you can overcome these fears through a successful breast lift and reduction. Of course, you have to make sure you get a professional to do this for you, or you will end up with results that you might not appreciate for a really long time. This is also the main reason why you have to be clear on your viability for the procedure.

Conditions patients must meet

There are some preconditions that you have to meet as a patient, in order for you to be considered a good fit for any of these operations. You will get to learn more about them when you discuss with your surgeon or your doctor, the prospects that lie ahead of you. However, the following are some of the most important ones that you have to meet:

  • General health – In order to be considered a successful candidate for breast reduction and lift, you must be of generally healthy status. You should not have any nagging health concerns, and you must also, at the same time, be at your ideal weight, or ordinarily desired weight.
  • Age restrictions – Any patient that has to go for a breast lift surgery must be at least 18 years of age. This is because breasts normally continue growing up to the age of 18, so you should not have the procedure when you are still experiencing growth. In fact, there are doctors that insist you have to be at least 21, for precautionary reasons.
  • No medical concerns – Other than being generally fit and healthy, you also must not have any medical conditions that could become a problem over time.
  • Knowledgeable – You must learn, be well-informed about the procedure that is being done. You should understand the risks, and anything else that you are unaware of, you can consult the doctor for clarification.
  • Nipple direction – If your nipples and areolas are pointing downwards, you can consult your surgeon for this procedure, otherwise you will not be passed as a candidate. Other than this, if your breasts look to be of the adequate size, but are sagging, you can also consider the procedure.
  • Breastfeeding – Anyone who wants to be considered for the breast reduction and lift must not be planning to breastfeed any time in the near future.
  • Firmness – In the event that you are not comfortable with the firmness of your breasts, you can also consider breast reduction surgery to help you achieve the substance and firmness you desire.

How do you determine whether you really are ready for this? There is a simple test that you can do at home, without having to see a doctor. Take a pen and put it in the crease that forms under your breasts. In the event that the sagging tissue underneath can hold the pen in place without you having to use your hands for support, you could probably want to consider talking to your doctor about a breast lift. In the unlikely event that you are generally unhealthy, or you have some medical problems that could make you unfit for a surgical operation, you should not even think about this. The same applies if you are a pregnant woman, you are currently breastfeeding, or if you have plans for breastfeeding in the near future.


What do you really want to achieve from this breast reduction and lift? This comes down to expectations, which indeed, can be managed. If, as a patient, you have unrealistic expectations of what you will get from this operation or visions of how this is perhaps going to change your life, you might not pass as a good candidate for the operation. Of course, your surgeon will try and talk sense into you about realistic expectations, perhaps even show you some pictures of what you can expect. If that works, you will be free to start making plans for the procedure. However, if they believe you are still incapable of grasping the reality, you will not go through with it.

It, therefore, is important to mention in passing that if you are emotionally unstable, your doctor is mandated to make sure that you do not go through with this. Further counseling may, however, be recommended.


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