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Super doggie dentures

Dental hygiene is something everyone needs to take good care of. When it comes to animals, they have some cleansing systems they were born with so it might seem to you that it is much easier for dogs to maintain dental health. Some people think that a dog’s mouth is far more contaminated comparing to human’s mouth, but this can’t be more far from truth. However, because of diet changes, these cleansing agents also tend to become less aggressive and it seems like even dogs are suffering from bad teeth hygiene. In case you are noticing issues with your dog’s teeth, consider changing its diet to a more natural one and in the mean time you can consider getting some doggie dentures to make up for any lost teeth.


Efficiency of doggie dentures

The whole concept of a denture is well known to us so it is not that hard to live with one. You can easily adapt yourself to it and with time you shouldn’t feel obstructed because of the denture itself. However, dogs have a tendency to get rid of anything that is foreign to them. They like to chew on collars, chains, clothes and so on. You can imagine what would happen if you are trying to stuff doggie dentures into their mouths. Because of this, there is an adaption period during which you will slowly introduce your dog to his new denture, and it is important that the dog realizes it is there to help him. This can get particularly difficult and can take a lot of time and patience. Once your dog gets fully adapted to having foreign objects mounted into his mouth, you might want to consider getting him a full sized denture. However, this seems to be a joke Pedigree is taking, as full dentures really do look hilarious. They are actually using this idea in their new marketing campaign where they are trying to advertise their dog food to be good for your dog’s teeth. If you haven’t checked out this commercial, you can see it at their official site; it is definitely worth the watch.

Comedic factor of doggie dentures

The same moment I saw that Pedigree’s commercial, I immediately visited their website to see what it is all about. I really thought these were real; they looked perfect on those dogs. When I opened their website, I noticed there was a fully featured web application in which you could choose a dog type and stuff all kinds of doggie dentures into their mouths. This was quite ridiculous, but very amusing. I was having so much fun I forgot why I visited the site in the first place. Eventually, I noticed there were no actual dentures for dogs that resembled those you might see on a human being. This is because dogs have a huge variety of teeth shape, size, and overall mouth size also, so it would be pretty expensive and inconvenient to try and accommodate each dog on its own. On the other hand, chances of a dog accepting the dentures are very slim.

Purchasing doggie dentures

You can, however, get partial dentures in case your dog lost some of its teeth. These doggie dentures can be mounted at the medical office and should not cost a lot of money.

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