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Taking care of your teeth

We usually became aware of the fact that we possess teeth only when they start hurting us. But, teeth are very important organs and they serve multiple purposes. Located in our oral cavity, there are 32 of them in healthy adult individuals. The teeth have developed throughout the long and complex process of evolution and many of the animals have teeth. The functions of the teeth in all animals, including people, are more or less the same.

Functions of the teeth

Let us look the functions of the human teeth from a closer perspective. The food that we eat is swallowed and digested and further on processed by the digestive organs. If it weren’t the teeth we won’t be able to swallow, nor digest the food. Each tooth in the oral cavity has an individual, unique task when it comes to the preparation of the food for further processing.


Therefore, only one missing tooth can create a lot of problems for us, not to mention missing more, or all of them. Teeth are also an important esthetical element in our appearance. It has been proved that people that lack teeth have a lower level of self-esteem. Trying not to smile is a common practise among these people. That way, they are hiding the fact that they have missing teeth. People that have all teeth often decide to whiten them and make them look more attractive. Studies show that people who feel that they have beautiful teeth smile more often and have a higher level of self-confidence. Finally, we say that a human being differs from beings of other species because s/he has the ability to talk. And we wouldn’t have this ability if it weren’t for the teeth. Well, at least we won’t be able to speak properly.  Often enough, people that lack certain teeth have an inability to pronounce specific sounds correctly.

The hygiene is essential for healthy teeth

From all of the above, it is easy to conclude that taking care for your teeth is vital, in fact, it is even essential for your happiness and wellbeing. Therefore, having all your teeth is a desired state of matters for anyone. If we exclude baby teeth, because we lost them naturally and they are replaced later in a child’s life, the most common way of losing teeth for older people are periodontal diseases. In order to prevent this, or at least minimize the risk, everyone is supposed to brush his/her teeth three times daily, floss them as often as s/he can and wash his/her mouth with fluoride.

Pain free dentists – a painless solution

But, no matter how hard you try to keep your teeth in perfect condition going to the dentist and having your teeth fixed is often inevitably. If you are too scared of the pain and you simply have a mental barrier when it comes to going to the dentist, maybe you should consider visiting a pain free dentist. A pain free dentist is a dentist dedicated to helping his/her patients without causing the inconvenient pain while s/he is fixing their teeth.  They are often more expensive, but, at least you won’t feel that horrible pain.

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