Talecris Plasma Collection Centers – State Of The Art Facilities That Save Lives

Donation of plasma has become central in the development of live-saving medicines. Plasma has now been known to have important healing elements and continues to play a key role in the treatment and eventual, eradication of chronic diseases. However, the idea of using plasma as a medicine is not that simple. The technology that is involved in creating plasma delivered medicines is a little bit advanced and sophisticated. In addition to this, these medicines rely on human plasma and as such, in order for patients to be treated other people must donate their own plasma. Creating awareness on the need for plasma donation and setting up plasma collection centers in convenient locations is very important. well, Talecris is leading the way in plasma collection in the US and its work has created the required plasma supply to develop life-saving medicines for patients all over the world?

What Is Talecris?

Talecris Plasma Resources as it is popularly known is a medical company that manages plasma collection sites in the US. The company is a subsidiary of Grifols, another leading biomedical and biotechnology firm that has been involved in the creation and distribution of live-saving plasma-derived treatments. The job for the Grifols subsidiary is to manage and collect plasma from a voluntary donor. There are other two companies that work under Grifols and serve the same roles served by the Talecris plasma center. They include Biomat USA and Plasmacare. For quite some time now the company has organized plasma collection drives and initiatives that have raised awareness on the role of donated plasma in offering a lifeline to patients who would otherwise be in deep trouble if indeed the donors were not willing to give.

How Does The Plasma Collection Center Work?

The mode of operation for Talecris is quite simple. What the company has done in recent times is to establish as many plasma collection centers in the US. The collection centers are located in practically all the major cities and are of course accessible from anywhere. In addition to this, the plasma collection company has partnered with hospitals, communities, schools, and other entities to help send the word out on the need to donate plasma. The company has also created a website where would be plasma donors can go, filling in a few details and become lifetime donors. The website also allows potential donors to schedule appointments with donation sites near them.

Once the donors step into any of the plasma collection centers run by the Grifols subsidiary, they are taken to the donation room. Here, the donor will be asked a few questions and additional medical exams will be done to establish the eligibility of the donor. Eligible donors will then be allowed to give plasma through a safe and effective process. Once the procedure is done, the donors will be scheduled for a second donation and will be paid some money as appreciation for taking the time to give plasma. And that is it. Once this is done you can go home and wait for your next Talecris scheduled plasma donation.

Why Should I Donate Plasma?

No doubt Talecris needs your plasma. You don’t just know how important your donation is. Since the firm is a subsidiary of a Grifols, a company that has helped to develop effective plasma-derived medicines, there is a need to ensure supply of plasma is maintained. There are many people in the world today who suffer from a series of chronic diseases. These rare conditions cannot be treated using the available conventional medicines out there.

These Specialized treatments that save lives come from plasma. The sad thing is that plasma is not like any other drug that can be made in a lab. In order for plasma to be used as medicine, healthy adults need to donate. If you don’t take the time to donate your plasma, there is every chance that the millions of patients who rely on this plasma-derived treatments will not get them. Without the medicine, they risk dying under care. That is just how serious plasma donation is. Every time you donate, you make sure that more lives are saved. And you are always encouraged to bring a friend at the Talecris center. The more donations are made the more lives they will save.

How Many Times Will Talecris Allow Me To Donate Plasma?

Keeping the supply of plasma up requires regular donations. If you are touched by the role donated plasma plays in saving lives, then perhaps you want to do more. Well, the most important thing is to keep donating. The donation centers run by the Grifols subsidiary will work to come up with a donation schedule that works for you. Remember donating plasma is a great thing but it has to be done in a manner that does not put the donor at any risk.

The FDA has released guidelines on blood, plasma, and platelet donation. For an adult, you are allowed to just make two donations at Grifols centers in a seven day period. Each of your donations will be separated by at least two days. In that case, Talecris will stick with this plan. Donors who are ready to donate twice each week will be given a schedule to ensure the donations are convenient enough for them. If you are not able to commit to donating twice each week, you can still donate the way you want. The donation center near you will work with you and ensure the schedule is perfect just for you.

Personal Rewards For Plasma Donation With Grifols

Since there is a clear commitment you are making in order to donate plasma, Grifols and all the subsidiaries that run the plasma collection centers will want to appreciate you. It is because of this that donating plasma attracts some small payments. The first donation is in the range of between $20 and $40 in terms of the compensation. The second donation will get you somewhere between $50 and $80. There are also additional benefits. Grifols through its subsidiaries is always committed to keeping the health of its donors as good as possible.

Every time you come to donate you will benefit from free medical tests and in case there are any red flags, you will be advised accordingly as to what you should do to address the problem.  All tests done during plasma collection are designed to make sure you are in good health and will be available online to ensure you are aware of your own health.  These are just a few of the benefits you get when you donate plasma at the Talecris centers.

How Do I Register With Grifols?

For you to donate your plasma you have to be a registered donor with Grifols. The process of registration is actually very simple and can be done through two ways. The first one is online. Once you visit the main Grifols website, you will see a button on the site titled “Become a Donor”. Click here and follow the next few steps. You will be asked to put in some personal information for the registration to be completed. You can also register as a plasma donor at the Grifols centers around the country managed by its subsidiary Talecris, Biomat USA or Plasma Care. Once you are inside the donation centers, you will be directed on how to register as a donor, what you need to become a lifetime donor and the reasons why you are eligible for this. If you have any questions, the staff at the donation centers will provide as many answers as possible to clear any concerns.  Once you are fully registered, you will be given a card and you can now start scheduling your donation online or even at any plasma collection center run by Talecris.

Is It Healthy To Donate Plasma Regularly?

One of the major reasons that make it harder for people to donate plasma is the worry that such regular donations might affect their health.  No, this is not at all true. When you visit a donation center to give plasma as a donor, only a very small portion of it is taken. This ensures your body can continue to work as normal and replenish the plasma taken before the next donation. It takes only 24 hours for the donated plasma to be replenished in the body. This is why you are allowed at least two days between donations. It doesn’t matter how many times you give plasma, as long as you are following the schedule set by the donation center you are donating at you will be fine. In addition to this, the Talecris plasma donation schedule is determined and set based on specific attributes of each donor. The schedule is created in such a way that the donations at Talecris have no effect on your health or your well being.

How Does It Work?

The way plasma is collected uses very advanced medical technology. The donor will be scheduled for donation first. During the day appointed, they will turn up. The tests required to determine eligibility will be done. This takes at most 20 minutes. Eligible donors will then give their blood. The blood will be spun using a highly advanced medical centrifuge and the plasma will be separated from the three other components of blood. The Plasma is taken and stored for use in the future as the other components of the blood are returned. In order to make sure that there is no problem during the process the environment in which the plasma is collected is highly sterilized. In addition to this, the components that remain after the plasma is taken are returned using a saline solution to ensure they adapt right into your blood. The Processes simply 100% safe and will not take more than 120 minutes.

Donating plasma with Talecris is a simple, live saving, and safe thing. You can start learning more about plasma donation anytime at the Grifols website. You can also register as a donor here or find a plasma donation center for you to start saving lives.

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