Tales Of Breast Implants Gone Wrong

A lot of people are psyched up about the prospect of getting implants that they never really think about the flip side of their predicament. There are cases of breast implants gone wrong that barely get reported, or if they do, they do not get as much attention as the cases of successful procedures. It is important to find out more about the possible breast implant disaster situations, so that when you go for this procedure, you go with an open mind and are aware of what to expect.

When you plan properly for contingencies, it is usually easier for you to find a way through and overcome the challenges if they were to happen. Women struggle with self-confidence and image issues from time to time, and that is not a new thing. With hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of women out there having implants, it is important to have a look at the worst case scenarios.


Having a flat chest in a world where people are more interested in attractiveness is something that has given women with a small bust a difficult time. There are plastic surgeons who have been able to deliver the results that women want. In the process, you feel more beautiful, noticeable and appreciated. However, there is the flip side of this attractiveness that you will barely hear about, the one of breast implants gone wrong.

Implants going awfully wrong

There are cases where the patient’s body looks just fine after the surgery, and you get back to your life normally. However, soon after that, you realize that the body is starting to reject the implants altogether. This is traumatizing, especially when you are having the breast implant mishaps and having spent thousands of dollars on the procedure.

For those who considered other forms of financing, it is even worse because the implants could be failing while you are still in debt. One of these instances involved a woman whose implant started to protrude out of her chest cavity. The protrusion was so pronounced that it eventually popped out of her skin.


Stone Implants

There is also the situation where one unlucky woman was happy with the results that she had received, upgrading her cup size and enjoying the life and attention that comes with a new improved bust. Like most patients, she had done her research well, and eventually settled on a surgeon around her local area who had the perfect results for previous clients and had good reviews. The surgeon even had amazing reviews on their website online, and the office was professional, fancy and so real. There were piles of paperwork in the surgeon’s office too, implying that this was someone who was up to their neck in work and was on demand.

Unfortunately, a few months after the surgery, she woke up one morning to realize one of her breasts had turned rock hard. What she had developed as a result of the breast implants gone wrong was a case of capsular contracture. In the course of her consultation with the surgeon, she had not discussed the risk of breast implant accidents like this one. This is basically the immune system in the body reacting to foreign objects being inserted into the body cavity. Following up with the surgeon, he was apparently out of town. The situation kept going from bad to worse for this unfortunate woman until she had to seek the opinion of a second surgeon. The surgeon that had performed the first procedure was a rookie in the industry, and the implant that was used on her was not clean at all. This is why she had the infection which kept on spreading.


The second surgeon, however, managed to stop the spread of the infection with antibiotics. In as much as she was able to get help, this has to go down as one of the breast implant regrets that most people worry about. You also have to think about the investment in terms of having to spend more on another surgeon to perform the corrective surgery. Such tales might not really hit the headlines a lot, especially as a result of the vitriol and feminist army that instead of supporting such women, pulls them down constantly and aggressively. There are a lot of other women who suffer in silence having endured their own unique experience of breast implants gone wrong. It gets worse for some ladies because the prospect of a tormenting lawsuit only makes their situation worse.

To be on the safe side, it is important that you research well before you settle on having a particular surgeon carry out the procedure for you. Other than that, you also need to make sure that you are choosing a surgeon that you can trust completely and for a good reason.

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