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Tendonitis Wrist – Causes

Tendonitis wrist can be caused by any number of different reasons that cause an inflammation around the wrist due to the tendons not working correctly and tightening around the bones or where the tendons meet each other and cross.  This rather common condition is also known by the medical term tenosynovitis.  There are many activities that can cause tendonitis wrist, for instance guitar players experience it quite often due to the wrist being employed so rigorously while playing the instrument.  It can also be caused by activities that employ the wrist and can include sports activities such as tennis.  Even the activity of writing can help to cause tendonitis wrist.


The wrist may feel painful or inflamed and severely or mildly affect certain activities that require the use of your wrist.  Often times it is only one tendon that is affected but the possibility of more than one is always a possibility as well.  There are tests that can be performed by your doctor or physical therapist to fully determine exactly what type of tendonitis wrist may be occurring as there are many different kinds in various forms depending on the particular tendon affected.

Tendonitis Wrist – Symptoms

The symptoms of tendonitis wrist usually include a painful sensation around the wrist area or a feeling of inflammation around the particular area.  There can also be swelling around the inflamed area that causes pain and tenderness and makes moving the wrist painful and irritated and may prevent certain tasks from being completed.  Due to the tendons rubbing against the bones because of the sheath of the tendon becoming thickened and causing the motion, that is usually a gliding smooth affair, to become constricted and rough.  This causes the tendons to either rub together or against the bone.  If you experience any of these symptoms it is important to see a healthcare professional or a doctor to get it sorted out and figure out the best options whether it is physical therapy or a medicinal approach.

There are tests that can be performed to see which tendon is being affected, usually by stretching them unfortunately but it is a necessary evil to find the source of the problem and inflammation so that a proper determination can be made and with a proper diagnosis a plan can be forged to get the tendonitis wrist back to being a working wrist.  Once you receive treatment you can get back to your daily life.  It is amazing how much a tendonitis wrist can affect everyday activities and make even the most common tasks seem overwhelming.


Tendonitis wrist is painful and can get worse if it is not treated correctly so please go see your doctor if you experience any of the symptoms that are synonymous with this particular affliction that include pain and tenderness around the wrist area or swelling and redness around the wrist that causes an uncomfortable or painful feeling.  If you have a hard time stretching your hand out or moving your wrist around without irritation then you may have tendonitis wrist and should seek professional assistance.

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