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Tendonitis Wrist – Get Off to a Good Start with Treatment

Having tendonitis wrist can cause many problems in day to day life, but with a stroke of good luck you can find the right rhythm and get off to a good start.  Tendonitis wrist is an inflammation of tendons in the wrist that may tighten around the bone or at points where they meet and can be caused by many different reasons.  Guitarists are known to suffer from tendonitis wrist due to the muscles having to work so hard when strumming or picking their instrument.  It has also been known to occur in writers, more often before the modern age when people stopped writing and started using computers and typewriters, though it can still occur through these methods as well.  It can also occur in athletes who may use their wrists often such as in tennis players.


The pain and inflammation can be mild to severe and may affect more than one tendon.  It can cause irritation or severe pain and restrict individual’s activities that require the use of their wrist.  It is a quite common affliction and although typically mild some cases can be severe.  It is also known as tenosynovitis in some medical circles.

Tendonitis Wrist – Treatment Options

The tendons rubbing against the bone due to inflammation and the restriction of the movements involved in moving your wrist can cause some pain with tendonitis wrist as build up keeps the smooth gliding action from occurring.  Even though the pain may be minor it can be quite a hindrance on everyday activities as people don’t seem to realize how much they use their wrist until something goes wrong with it and then everything suddenly becomes quite difficult.  Having a difficult time in stretching and opening your hand, or closing it, or moving your wrist around without irritation is a sign that you may have tendonitis.  There are tests that can be performed to see if you have it and to determine exactly which tendon it may be that is causing the problem as it is more often than not only one tendon, though on occasion it can be more than one.  Once these tests have been competed than the proper treatments can begin to isolate the tendon and get it back to working order again.

Tendonitis Wrist – Options

Typically with tendonitis wrist it is just best to not use the wrist and let it heal though you should always check with a doctor if any conditions persist for an extended period of time or if the pain becomes extreme.  It is a very common affliction and can be easily treated so you can get back to your normal life where everything works the way it is supposed to.  There are plenty of treatment options available and your wrist can be working correctly again to bring back the pleasure to yourself with a clean bill of health.  If you come down with tendonitis wrist and it lasts for more than a couple of days you need to consider seeing your doctor to remedy the problem.

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