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The advantages of permanent dentures

Even though you are not a child anymore, you could get a visit from the tooth fairy really soon; you weren’t blessed with the best teeth, and every year your teeth seem to be more and more inclined to leave your mouth for good. You know this won’t get any better as time passes so you decided it’s time to get rid of the rest of them and switch to dentures. Of course, you don’t want those dentures that could end up on the plate with your food, so the only possible solution you could agree to is having permanent dentures. If you don’t know why permanent dentures are better, you will soon find out. And if you wondered how much permanent dentures cost, we will give an answer to that question too.


Why are permanent dentures better?

Do you remember how your grandfather used to wash his “teeth”? He would take them out and wash them in a glass of water, and that would scare you to death every time you saw it and your legs would feel kind of numb; the first time you saw him do that, you didn’t understand how this was possible. Soon you found out that his teeth weren’t real, but dentures. You were relieved to know that you won’t evolve reattachable teeth, but it was still creepy. Your grandfather didn’t have permanent dentures, and because of that he could just take them out as he pleased. If he had permanent dentures, he wouldn’t be able to do that because they would have been implanted. The procedure of implanting permanent dentures is rather costly, so if you really want to have them, you have to be prepared to see big numbers. The answer to this is rather simple – permanent dentures are implanted into your mouth, and this is a procedure that takes a lot of patience and even more experience. They really cost a pretty penny – usually around one thousand dollars. If you think this is too much money for permanent dentures, consider that you will have them all your life and that if something happens to them and they should get damaged, it is usually already in the initial price, so you won’t have to pay extra for repairs. Of course, you can also find cheaper permanent dentures, even for 300$, but would you really risk having really bad dentures just because you wanted to save some money?


Are they really worth that much money?

You found some good deals for considerably less money, so you are thinking about getting your permanent dentures a bit cheaper. Stop right there and think about it now – there is a reason why those permanent dentures are so cheap. If you decide to get those cheap permanent dentures, you will see the reason the first time you see your new teeth, or shortly after, when one of them breaks because of its low quality. Don’t save money on dentures, it’s not worth it; they are expensive for a reason, and you will see that it’s worth the money.

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