The Average Cost For Coolsculpting and How You Can Finance Your Treatments

Coolsculpting can be an expensive procedure. This is especially if you want to lose fat in multiple areas of your body and if you want to attend multiple coolsculpting sessions. Since the average cost for coolsculpting is about $2,200, the costs can add up pretty fast. There are various options you can use to fund your coolsculpting sessions.




Save enough money for the procedure. This might take several weeks or several months, depending on how much money you can afford to put aside every week or month. In order to find money to save, you can do a number of things.


  • Work an extra job and save the money earned.
  • Trim your budget, so that you can have some spare money to set aside for the procedure. For instance, you can stop eating out or buying stuff that you do not need. The key is to assess your budget and see if there are areas where you can cut spending.
  • Sell stuff that you have in your house, which you are not using.


Set Up a Payment Plan with Your Doctor

Most doctors are understanding since they know that the price for freeze fat removal can be expensive. As long as you pay for the initial session, talk with your doctor and organize a payment plan, where you will pay certain monthly installments until you complete your payments. Usually, the down payment is quite low, so you will be able to afford the first initial payment. Just make sure that you can afford the monthly installments you will be expected to pay.


Credit Card

If you have a good credit record and you have a substantial credit line, by all means take advantage of it. This should enable you to pay the average cost for coolsculpting. The good thing about this option is that the minimum payments to be made on the card are low. Use a credit card with low interest rates, so that your costs do not balloon out of control. Another option is to pay for the down payment for treatment in cash and then put the remaining balance on your credit card.


Personal Loan

Apply for a personal loan in your bank if you have collateral. You can use your assets as collateral or borrow against money you have in your savings account.



Ask Your Family and Friends to Sponsor You

Although this might not be an ideal option, you may be surprised to learn that your family and friends are quite understanding and will be willing to contribute cash towards your treatment. This will enable you to cover the cost of fat freeze weight loss procedure. The best way to ask is to request them to contribute towards your treatment budget instead of giving your birthday presents or holiday gifts.

Before you schedule a session with a doctor, make sure that you know how you are going to fund your treatments.

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