The Basics Of Photofacial And The Benefits It Offers In Skin Care

Are you suffering from issues of Hyperpigmentation, sunburns, or Rosacea? Have you tried different solutions and nothing seems to work? Well, don’t worry because your pain is about to end. The Intense Pulsed Light Photo Facial is a new technology in skin care and dermatology that allows patients to transform their Blotchy, red and burnt skin into a youthful and radiant look in no time. The IPL foto facial is a simple and safe option in skin rejuvenation and is ideal for both men and women. The photofacial treatment will also help boost the production of collagen, restore broken capillaries, and also deal with brown spots on the skin.

What Does Photofacial Involve?

The fotofacial is often a 30 minutes procedure that uses Intense Pulse Light to treat various conditions. The light penetrates deep into the skin leading to what is known as photo rejuvenation. Photo rejuvenation is basically a process that leads to the constriction of collagen and blood vessels under the treated area. This constriction leads to the reduction of age lines, reduces skin redness, and helps to remove spots and other symptoms of Hyperpigmentation. The procedure is noninvasive and patients only feel a minor discomfort. The number of treatments will depend on what the patient wants to treat but eventually, after three to four weeks the results will become more predominant for everyone to see.

What Are Ideal Candidates For IPL Skin Therapy?

Although photofacial achieves great results, not everybody is an ideal candidate for the procedure. The following are some of the ideal candidates for the procedure:

  • If you have blotchy skin, discolored skin, sun damaged skin, or brown spots the procedure will help you
  • Patients who have freckles, large pores, or visible wrinkles will also benefit from the procedure.
  • Busy people who can’t afford any long down time will find the procedure ideal. It’s noninvasive nature ensures you don’t need any recovery time
  • Patients who with severely tanned skin are also ideal candidates but they should discuss options with a certified dermatologist to ensure there are no complications.

How Much Will IPL Treatment Cost

IPL skin therapy is relatively cheap compared to other skin rejuvenation options. At the moment the average price for one treatment section averages between $500 and $600. However, there will be other determinant factors that will push the cost upwards or downwards. To begin with, the severity of issues being treated will necessitate more than one treatment session. This will mean that as a patient you will have to pay relatively more compared to someone who has less severe issues. In addition to this, initial tests to determine whether you are a candidate for the surgery will be required and this will only add to the bill. However, with a budget of at least $800 you can get the photofacial therapy done anywhere.

What Are The Benefits Of Fotofacial Light Therapy?

There are some important advantages that you will enjoy in case you decide to go for photofacial light therapy. To begin with, the process is noninvasive. This reduces the risk of surgery and ensures you can go back to work as soon as the thirty-minute procedure is done. In addition to this, the procedure achieves outstanding results. It helps to rejuvenate the skin while stimulating the production of more collagen and reducing signs of aging. Even though the results are not instant, after two or three treatments you will see the full effects. Finally, the procedure is cheaper compared to invasive skin rejuvenation surgeries and common dermal filler injections.

What To Expect During Light Skin Therapy

Once you visit the doctor for the photofacial therapy, you will be given some eye protection gear to wear. A cold gel will be applied to the treatment area to reduce any risks of burns. The Intense Pulse Light will then be focused on the treatment area periodically for about 30 minutes.  You are likely to feel a warm sensation around the area being treated. Some mild discomfort is also experienced during therapy. After the treatment, ice may be used to cool down the treated area and sooth it down so that you can go back to your daily routine. You don’t need any recovery time. As soon as the dermatologist is done with light skin restoration therapy you are free to go back to work if you so wish.

Do I Need Follow-Up Treatments?

Yes, you will need additional follow-up treatments. One round of treatment is not often enough to guarantee the results most people look for. While there are many factors that determine the number of treatments required, most of the time a lot of people will see the perfect results after three or four treatments. However, for those who have multiple issues that need treatment, there will be more than four sessions. In addition to this, the severity of skin damage will decide how many sessions you need. In some cases, additional skin rejuvenation treatments may be needed in order to ensure that the results after photofacial are as ideal as possible. However, these are all options to be discussed with your doctor and he or she will provide a clear path to be taken in order for treatment to work best for you.

IPL skin rejuvenation is a new way to restore your youthful and radiant skin. It’s cheaper and it delivers great outcomes. Feel free to get in touch with a dermatologist to learn more about the therapy and how it can work for you.

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