The Benefits Of Liposuction Compression Garment

Liposuction is a popular fat loss procedure today. It reduces regions of fat deposits in the body, therefore, making you feel more confident and at ease. However, it is essential to remember that factors such prolonged swelling and fluid retention might cause a delay in the full contouring of the body.  You might have to wait for some time before enjoying the results and during this time the liposuction compression garment will be required.

Why Lipo Compression Garments Are Recommended After Surgery

Most plastic surgeons recommend lipo compression garments to their patients after the procedure. Normally, the plastic surgeon will supply you with two sets of garments so that you will always have a clean garment to change every day. For the first three weeks, these compression garments should be worn 24/7 except when you want to take a shower.  A good liposuction garment helps by:

  • Reducing excessive swelling
  • Reduces bruising
  • Reduces incidences of fluid collection and seroma.
  • It improves your final results by helping the skin to shrink.

What Type Of Garments Should A Patient Wear After Liposuction?

Most surgeons advise the patients to wear an elastic liposuction compression garment for a specific period of time. These garments are designed to offer continuous postoperative compression to parts of the body treated by fat removal surgery. Lycra type of cloth is used to manufacture some of the garments. Other compression garments are constructed from elastic cloth similar to that used for girdles. Usually, the garments are crotchless so that patients can defecate and urinate without having to remove them.

How Can The “Open Drainage” Decrease The Time A Garment Must Be Worn?

After the procedure, there is always some residual blood that remains under the skin. If the blood tinged fluid is left to remain under the skin for longer periods, it increases the degree of swelling, tenderness and bruising. By utilizing “open drainage” with a great liposuction compression garment, most of the fluid is squeezed out of the body and therefore healing becomes more rapid. In the end, you will realize that the time it takes to heal reduces drastically.

The risks Of Using Elastic Compression Garments After surgery

Too much compression can substantially prolong edema and swelling. Excessive compression once all drainage has ceased, could impair the usual functioning of lymphatic capillaries which is mainly to absorb residual tumescent fluid. In case you are not sure how long the fat removal surgery garments should be used talk to your doctor and get all the clarification you need.

Compression garments come in a wide range of sizes and styles. In light of this, make sure you order your custom size based on your measurement. It is also important to ensure the liposuction garment is adjustable so that you can be able to further customize it to the new shape of your body. A good garment should not form rolls and must always remain in place every time regardless of your daily tasks.

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