The Best And Worst Breast Reduction Before And After Stories

When discussing cosmetic surgeries that are associated with the breasts, one of the most common topics that come up from time to time is breast enlargement. However, contrary to popular belief, not all women go for breast enlargement procedures. In fact, there are a lot of women who in fact opt for a breast reduction in their breast size, a procedure referred to as reduction mammoplasty.

What happens in this breast reduction before and after the procedure is that some of the tissue and skin from the breasts is removed so that the surgeon is able to reshape and reduce the size of the patient’s breasts. Another result that is common is reducing the size of the areola. The areola is the area of dark skin that surrounds the nipple.


There are times when a breast reduction will be carried out alongside liposuction. This is particularly in a situation where most of the breast is made up of fatty tissue. Besides, in a situation where an excess of skin is not a challenge, liposuction will be fairly a successful option in reducing the breast size.

The procedure generally takes 3 – 5 hours to complete, and you will not necessarily need to stay in the hospital overnight. In fact, if the reduction is minuscule, it can, in fact, be done under local anesthesia.

There are so many women who undergo a surgical breast reduction in their breast size, and quite a number usually are happy with the results, and their decision to walk down this path. There are some things that you might not know, benefits and challenges that are associated with breast reduction before and after the procedure. Some of these are things that you might perhaps come to hear about in stories being told by someone you know or read about online. The following are some of the best and worst case scenarios that you should be aware of when you plan to have a breast reduction:

Improved comfort

Forget about the perverts and perhaps different other people who really love to see huge breasts, for most women who own these, large heavy breasts are in fact a burden. They normally cause lots of back pain, neck pain, problems with posture, and irritation of the skin.

Since the weight of the breasts is such a burden, the bra straps will tend to leave behind indentations on your shoulders.To help women deal with these challenges, a breast reduction surgery will normally come in handy.


Increase participation in sports

There are ladies who struggle to participate in sporting activities most of the time, especially because of the fact that their heavy breasts are quite the burden. In such a scenario, there are physical activities that are either awkward or too painful for these women, hence the need for breast reduction surgery.

Enhance your appearance

One of the benefits of having successful breast reduction before and after the procedure is that it helps make sure that your body is proportionate. Having large breasts that are out of proportion to your weight or height will, in fact, be an embarrassing experience for a lot of ladies. This is particularly a challenge when they are in the self-conscious years as teenagers or in their twenties.

For such ladies, it becomes a challenge even showing up in public in swimsuits or any other clothes that draw a lot of attention to their huge breasts. Besides, the ladies normally end up struggling even when it comes to finding clothes that will fit them well. When you consider the cost of breast reduction, it could be well worth thinking about it, over the confidence struggles.

The insurance shocker

A breast reduction is a procedure that will usually cost women even up to $7000. However, it is important to understand that there are insurers who often cover this operation, but in the long run that is as far from the truth as can be.

You really have to be careful when you want the insurance company to foot the bill for this procedure. There are companies that consider this a luxury procedure, while not taking into consideration the real challenges that women go through.

In as much as insurers might give you a hard time, you have to remember that it is only by getting referrals from your doctor that they might offer you the assistance you desire, so do not give up at all.


Losing weight

For those women who have too much weight and this is not just in the breasts but all over their body, there are situations where the doctor might recommend that you get into a weight loss regime before you can give surgery a shot.

This is an important point of consideration, because by losing weight, you could also succeed at shrinking the size of your breasts significantly, and in the process escape the need for surgical operation. You can, in fact, talk about this with your physician.

Additional procedures you might not have known

Just because you are planning to get a breast reduction before and after procedure does not mean that is all your surgeon will do. There are other procedures that could, in fact, be necessary for your reduction to be a success. The doctor might recommend the need for additional contour work or shape particularly for the area around your breasts, and more importantly the underarm.

By taking into consideration the fact that the additional procedures are basically about your appearance over your health, there are insurers who will not cover this while offsetting your surgery costs, so you need to be aware and find ways of sorting this out.

Post-operation complications

Almost one out of every three women who go for a breast reduction will suffer some kind of complication within the first 30 days of the operation. The complications vary from one woman to the other, and in some cases they are rare.

The most common infections are on the site of surgery, but that is usually very easy to deal with. According to associated studies, women above the age of 50 normally have a higher chance of infection after a breast reduction.

To be on the safe side, you might need to look at some breast reduction photos to determine whether this procedure will be a good fit for you.


Pain might be an exaggeration

After this operation, in most cases, pain associated with breast reduction before and after the procedure will subside in a matter of days. You will be put in a soft cotton bra without underwire and you can go home right away. The bra is not wrapped or put under the binding, and there is no need for draining after surgery.

The pain might go away after one week, while in some patients, there is no pain after surgery. In fact, there are patients who have been able to resume limited exercise barely two weeks after the procedure, and gain full recovery after 3 – 4 weeks.

The healing process

Most people assume that once you are done with the surgery the breasts will miraculously hold their own. Well, this is not always the case. In fact, one of the most important parts of the healing process of breast reduction post-surgery is “falling” of the breasts.

When you have a new set of twins, they will sag a bit then during the following months, they will take on the new and more permanent shape. However, on the bright side, they will always settle into the bra almost immediately and in a natural way too.

Can you feel your nipples?

For a fact, after the surgery, you can expect to lose a bit of sensitivity for your nipples. This is perhaps something that a lot of people barely know about. However, there are some instances (very rare) where you experience heightened sensitivity in the nipples.

No breastfeeding

One of the biggest challenges that are associated with removing breast tissue is the fact that it will, in fact, interfere with your ability to breastfeed. More than 50% of the patients who undergo breast reduction will not be able to breastfeed. Even though there are women who might be able to breastfeed later on after surgery, they never want to take up this option for fear of the fact that their breasts could end up growing back into the former size and shape that had them go for the surgery in the first place.

Assuming you have plans to have kids in the future and you intend to breastfeed them, it would, therefore, be wise for you to put off the breast reduction before and after the procedure, at least until after you are through with your breastfeeding years.

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