The Cost for Breast Lift in Different US States

One of the things that influence the cost of a boob job is the location where the procedure is going to be carried out. Expect to pay different prices in different geographical regions. While the cost for breast lift is higher in some countries, it is comparably cheaper in others. Knowing the price for breast lift will help you decide on where to have your operation carried out.


The average cost for a breast lift nationwide is $ 4, 280. However, this does not include the cost of hiring an anesthologist or the clinic used. When all factors have been taken into consideration, the average cost for the procedure ranges from $ 4, 000 to $ 15, 000.



The average price for a breast lift in Arizona is $ 6, 000. This includes the cost of hiring a surgeon, an anesthologist and the hospital fees. You can expect to pay more as there are other additional fees that may come up, depending on how your procedure goes.  This may increase the price of the procedure to up to $ 8, 000 but in some cases it may even go up to $ 10, 000, so you can have this in mind when budgeting for the procedure. But the average price will be $ 6, 000 to $ 8, 000 with $ 10, 000 being on the higher side.




The cost for breast lift ranges from $ 4, 500 to $ 5, 500.  When getting a quote, make sure to ask the surgeon to let you know what the prices are inclusive of. Ideally, you want a quote that covers the fee of the surgeon, operating room costs, anesthologist cost and post treatment care. This will prevent you from getting surprise charges after treatment has been completed.



The charges for breast lift in Florida ranges between $ 6, 000 to $ 8, 000. Getting treatment in South Florida is much cheaper than in other parts of the country. In the southern parts of Florida, expect to pay a starting price of $ 3, 000 to over the price of a breast lift without implants. If you want a breast lift with saline implants the start price is $ 4, 000. For a breast lift with silicone implants, the starting price is $ 4, 500. This is inclusive of the price of the doctor and other related expenses.


New York

The cost of the procedure in New York City ranges from $ 5, 000 to 15, 000, depending on the surgeon that you use.



The cost is $ 6, 350 in Atlanta. This includes the price of the doctor, facility and anesthesia. This also includes the cost of follow up visits after the procedure has been done. However, the cost of lab work and prescription drugs is not included in this quote.


Other average costs in different US states includes

  • Colorado –$5,640
  • Tennessee-$6,000
  • Los Angeles- $7,025
  • Texas -$6,200
  • San Antonio- $7,160
  • California -$ 7,200
  • Colorado- $5,200
  • Nebraska- $5,550
  • Minnesota- $5,000


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