The Importance of Breast Surgery Before and After Photos

When you are considering which surgeon’s services to use when you are planning on undergoing plastic surgery to get breast enlargement, there are many factors that you should consider.  Among these factors is looking at the breast surgery before and after photos that the doctor has posted on their website or photo album in their office.  Just by looking at a doctor’s breast enlargement photos, you will be able to analyze their skills and see how good they are.



When viewing the pictures, here are a few things to keep in mind:


The Patient’s Physique

Check the physique of the patient and try to find patients who have the same physique as you. This will help you see what kind of result you will get when you undergo the same procedure. Some of the similarities to check for include patients who have the same age, body frame and skin tone as you.


Recent Photos

Check if the photos posted are recent or if they were posted a long time ago. Recent photos show that the doctor regularly performs the surgery and they are still getting good results.



Check the degree of scarring on the area where the operation was done. Minimal scarring is the best, so that it is not so obvious that the area was operated on. Since not all doctors are good at ensuring that minimal scarring happens, check the breast surgery before and after pictures to ensure that the doctor you choose will not leave you with a big scar.


Reference Point

You can use any breast enhancement before and after images as a reference point of the kind of result you are expecting to get, when you are talking to the doctor. This will help them clearly know what kind of results you expect to get.



Check if the doctor has handled a variety of patients and has gotten a variety of results.


Good End Results

Check if the end results show an improved version of the person. Ideally, the surgery should leave the patient looking better than they were looking before.


Things to Avoid When Checking Out the Photos

  • Notice any after photos that you don’t like and make sure to point this out to the doctor as results that you do not want to get.
  • Avoid any photos that appear too perfect or photos that are photo-shopped. These do not give a true representation of what the doctor can do.


Why You Should Take Breast Surgery Before and After Photos

While a lot of people may be reluctant to take breast surgery before and after photos or they may not give it a second thought, it is important to take such photos. This is because this is the biggest indicator of progress. You can have the doctor take the photos or you can take them on your own.


When taking the photos, take them from similar angles, so that you can see the difference after the surgery has been done.



Checking out before and after pictures is a good reference point when analyzing the skills of the doctor.  It shows the transition process that the patient has undergone and helps to set the doctor apart as a professional. That is why you should endeavor to find out if the photos taken are indeed the doctor’s work.

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