The San Diego Blood Bank

The organization focuses on saving lives with quality blood services, working hand in hand with the community. San Diego Blood Bank headquarters, which was previously based in Upas St., was officially dedicated on November 12, 1972. The Blood Bank shows the strength and enormous health in the community.

In the early years, the organization collected, stored and supplied blood products to hospitals across San Diego County, the same way it does today. But unlike the early days, when they had to pay the blood donors, 100% of the blood that’s brought to the Blood Bank is volunteered.

4,000 blood units a month supplied the local hospital needs in 1968, now, SDBB processes approximately 10,000 blood units monthly and serve hospitals across southern California.

The San Diego Blood Bank now offers the hospitals in the Southern California region with an extensive range of blood banking service, including blood collection, Plateletpheresis, leukapheresis, plasmapheresis, component preparation, frozen blood, washed blood, autologous storage, reference laboratory and designated donation services.

San Diego Blood Store keeps growing to meet the advancing requirements of the healthcare community. Today, they supply hospitals in San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles and Imperial. Frozen labs are now run to accommodate the storage of rare blood and frequently used blood types, and blood of people who wish to donate for their future use.

The organization is the safety net of the regional blood needs, providing over 120,000 units of blood every year to patients of all ages, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds across San Diego County. Most of the patients benefiting from the San Diego Blood Bank have life-threatening medical conditions like:

  • Cancer
  • Other blood disorders
  • Organ transplants
  • Severe burns
  • Emergency surgery
  • Childbirth complications
  • Trauma


Community Partnerships

The San Diego Donor Center’s Community Partners include large and small companies, schools, thousands of passionate individuals, civic organizations and private foundations.


How does San Diego Blood Bank increase efficiency and reduce blood spend through innovation?

The organization assists hospitals to efficiently handle their blood supply, which leads to meaningful cost saving. They also offer clients novel programs, services, process and unique technology customized to enhance blood utilization, which creates efficiencies and minimize blood spend.


What makes this organization stand out?

San Diego Blood Bank implements thorough quality standards. They ensure to distribute pure blood products that adhere to the strictest requirements. Moreover, they take pride in offering the highest level of superior customer service, because they are involved and passionate members of the communities they serve.


San Diego Donor 4 Life Program

The organization requires hundreds of blood components each day to efficiently serve San Diego.


What’s the best donation for me?

San Diego Blood Bank now proposes the donation of the most useful blood component for every donor, depending on the type of blood and current patient need. With more donations, the red blood cell supply has improved; the organization is now working towards improving the provision of blood components (plasma and platelets), and also to manage its red blood cells inventory by getting a consistent amount in each type.

So when you visit the center, they may ask you to change your whole blood donation to plasma/platelets donation. If you’re asked for this, it means there are patients in the hospital that need the specific components in your blood type.

They also may ask you to donate double red cells rather than the whole blood because their blood supply is declining in your type.


What are the blood donor requirements?

Basic requirements are:

  • You should be 16 years old or more; there is not upper age limit provided one is in good health. If you are 16 years old, parent’s consent is required.
  • One should weigh at least 114lbs, be of good health, feel healthy and well; have no active flu-like or cold symptoms.
  • Should have a valid identification like passport, driver’s license, school endorsed ID or state ID.


Are there any restrictions to donating blood?

You shouldn’t donate blood if you:

  • Have blood cancer (myeloma, Hodgkin, leukemia, lymphoma)
  • Are in US Military, Civilian Military, or Dependants and spent time that adds up to six months or more from 1980 to 1996 associated with military based in Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy and/or Belgium, Germany or the Netherlands in 1980 to 1990.
  • Using recreational drugs that are not prescribed by a physician
  • Had a blood-related person who was diagnosed with CJD
  • Have any open skin or signs of possible infections.


What types of donations do they accept?

  • Therapeutic
  • Research
  • Platelets
  • Plasma
  • Autologous
  • Cord Blood/Cell Therapy
  • Blood/Red Blood Cells
  • Designated

What donor programs do they have?

  • Donors 4 Life Program
  • High School Standing
  • High School Program
  • Platelet Pledge


San Diego Blood Bank is currently inviting people to participate in, donate for or volunteer at events that support mySDBB. Should you wish to be part of that, kindly register with them.


First-time blood donors

Blood donors are only able to log into San Diego Blood Bank account after their first donation. You can book your spot by calling them on 1-800-469-7322 or schedule a blood donation online. If you’ve donated blood with other centers previously, but it’s your first time with the San Diego Blood Bank, use the First Time Blood Donor info to book an appointment.


Returning blood donors

You can use the login form in the top left-hand corner of their page to login. Your default username and password is the Donor ID and the date of birth written in the MM-DD-YYYY format respectively. Find the Donor ID on the card issued after your first successful donation. You can also check it out in the thank you email that was sent to you after your first successful donation. Should you have any questions, inquiries or troubles logging in, call 1-800-469-7322.


Drive Coordinators

Each account must be activated before you’re able to log in. You can contact your account representative to have it activated.

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