The Teosyal Filler Experience

The Teosyal Filler is one of the most feared and criticized cosmetic products in the market today. People are afraid of getting undesirable results considering that there are some people it has not worked well on in the past. But the truth is, the product can work well on you – it all depends on how it’s applied.

Despite the stigma around this Teosyal product, there are people who use it modestly and there is no one aware of it. But it is always important to do some consultations before you attempt anything new. The following sub-topics represent the most frequently asked questions and answers to them.

What is Teosyal and how is it Different from the Other Dermal Fillers?

Teosyal is manufactured in Geneva, Switzerland by the Teoxane Laboratories and it’s currently the leading dermal filler in Europe. They produce 100% resorbable, biodegradable hyaluronic acid-based, non-animal origin dermal products. Among its major components is the Hyaluronic acid and occurs in your skin naturally, acting like a sponge in order retain large qualities of water, keeping your skin soft and soft.

In other words, Teosyal is the purest filler in the market, resulting in few cases of swelling and natural looking results.

How long Teosyal Filler Last?

This depends on the place where you intend to inject it, but basically, Teosyal Filler can last from 6-18 months and the results will be noticed immediately. In addition to this, Teosyal comes with cumulative effect and hence there are fewer products needed for touch-up sessions.

Most Recommended Teosyal Products

Teosyal Redensity is the most recommended product for the under-eye area. In most cases, the skin under this area is the first to reveal signs of fatigue and age because of its fragile state. The hollow dark circles are therefore more prominent as you grow old. In other words, this is the place where people spend most of their time and effort in their makeup routine.

The second most common Teosyal product is the Teosyal Kiss and it’s used by people who want to redefine their lips and restore volume in the most natural manner. This is the most feared product because of the way the media portrays various lip injections – there is no one who wants to have fish like lips. With a competent cosmetic doctor, your lips will look very natural. However, lips are super sensitive and they are likely to swell for a couple of days. The entire process takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

How to Apply the Product

For the Teosyal kiss, the doctor will first inject you with a numbing gel on your lips and under the eyes for the Teosyal Redensity. You will feel the needle slightly followed by several shots and the eyes will be done. You will immediately see a difference.

For the lower lip, you will most probably get two injections and four on the upper lip – the upper lip receives a double injection since it’s the thinner one among the two. The swelling should never be a worry as it can be cooled down with ice and you’ll be normal in less than four days. Luckily, the under-eye area rarely swells and neither does it experience any bruising.

Final Results

Many people who have used Teosyal Filler rarely regret later. The product will surpass all your expectations. If it’s your first time, this product will definitely eliminate any bad ideas you had concerning dermal fillers.

How much does the Product Cost?

The product is about $2500 and this is probably the most challenging part of the filler. But besides the cost, the product can last up to 18 months and this is something you will really never regret investing into.

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